Oasis’ Liam Gallagher: Master Prankster?

Nov 30th, 2007 // 10 Comments

liam.jpgThis summer’s various Radiohead prank sites are all but forgotten in the wake of the unsightly blogosphere pants-messing over In Rainbows. But before “do a Radiohead” entered the modern lexicon and we all started wishing for a ball-peen to the digits before hearing the words “pay-what-you-will” ever again, there was radioheadlp7.com. The mysterious site featured a clock that portentously counted to Sept. 29, and it had Radiohead fans without day jobs waiting intently for some scrap of news on the new Radiohead LP. And when the big day rolled around, it revealed… a Rickroll. How we LOL’d! Then the site laid dormant–until now, when the hoaxmaster revealed himself as…a member of Oasis?

Well, it’s bloody time we let the cat out of the bag. You’ve all acted like right wankers and entertained us long enough. The rumors you have heard are true … I am responsible for this site.

It was a laugh. We’re having a time recording the new album.

I’m writing deep songs that mean something but are dead simple. Nothing mystic. I want anybody to be able to understand them, even me.

You’re all going to drive yourselves mad.

We have our ‘discbox’ and we’re not going to share.

your favourite,

liam gallagher

‘Course the likelihood of this silliness being true is nil. Sad, because no matter how much the Gallaghers may annoy, pranking Radiohead fanboys and girls is a noble way to spend your coked-up free time. But let us not rule out the profane philistine entirely. A (very cursory) Whois search reveals that the site is still privately registered, meaning it could be the work of Liam Gallagher or Noel Gallagher or maybe the Gallagher with the watermelons. Actually, we would have guessed that Gallagher way before either of the Oasis brothers.

radioheadlp7.com ["Official Site" via Gigwise]

  1. twenty-four hour priapism


  2. moomintroll

    There’s no way..absolutely no way that Liam Gallagher did this. I don’t believe he’s that internet savvy, what with writing “dead simple” songs that even he can understand taking up all his time.

  3. Anonymous

    More likely he read about it and was like “wow, what a prick thing to do…wish I’d thought of it.”

    I wish I could find a video of his hilarious interview with Carson Daly on TRL, during which he stated twice that he was god-like and claimed that the LG in LG Electronics stood for “Liam Gallagher.”

    The Liam Gallagher personality is by far my favorite thing about Oasis becoming popular.

  4. Charlie Kerfelds Jetsons Tee

    “Yeah, I like S Club Juniors, alright…

    …good kids.”

  5. tigerpop

    I heard the new Oasis song on the radio the other day. Before realizing it was actually them, said “Wow, it sounds like Oasis have actually gotten worse.”

    Thank jah for Rick Astley.

  6. Moimeme

    @lastclearchance: Agree. He was the man/asshole of my 16 year old dreams oh so many years ago.

  7. SpeedingUptoStop

    Good to see that he’s not wasting his time writing terrible songs…

  8. Tristin

    I love Oasis and think they are the best rock band today. I don’t get why there seems to be such a monolithic consensus among critics about these two bands: that Oasis is a vapid, dismissable band which deserves no respect, and Radiohead are geniuses of deep poetic substance. Oasis has made album after album with incredibly catchy songs, the best of which stand up to bands like Queen and Lynyrd Skynrd’s anthemic songs, to me anyway. I find Radiohead boring and always have. I doubt Liam did this prank, but he was correct when he called Thom Yorke a “miserable ginger dwarf.”

  9. TheMojoPin

    Our Kid doesn’t even know that computers exist.

  10. Anonymous

    Sounds like a setup by a Radiohead fan to me

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