Ashlee Simpson Becomes A Maneater

Nov 30th, 2007 // 9 Comments

76625450.jpgARTIST: Ashlee Simpson
TITLE: “Outta My Head”
WEB DEBUT: Nov. 30, 2007

ONE-LISTEN VERDICT: Timbaland revisits his stompy, loopy, Nelly Furtado-approved template on the latest song to snake out from Ashlee Simpson’s forthcoming album, and… well, he certainly figured out a way to get around the fact that Ashlee’s drunk-sorority-girl voice isn’t really her strongest suit. The song opens with her yelling “Whut,” although thanks to the lousy audio quality it sounds like she’s yelling “War,” a la Edwin Starr. (Now that would be a cover.) From there, you go into what’s essentially “Maneater 2.0,” complete with Ashlee squeezing out half-spoken lyrics and a chorus where she unwisely decides to use her voice as a percussive element, singing “ah-ya-ya-ya-ya” and berating whoever she’s mad at for “talking way too much.” Perhaps she doesn’t realize that the object of her ire may be gabbing in an attempt to drown out her singing?

On a business-of-music note: “Leaking” this track today and not making it available for sale until Dec. 11? Sure, that explains the bad-cell-phone audio quality on the AOL stream, but forcing delayed gratification on consumers is not really the best way to encourage those people who for whatever reason will want to hear this song again to pick it up through legal methods. Oh, record industry. Will you ever learn?

UPDATE: Not to say “I told you so,” but…

Ashlee Simpson – Outta My Head (Song Premiere) [PopEater]
[Photo: Getty]

  1. Anonymous

    Please tell me her next single will feature T-Pain!

  2. futurehorse

    I read that headline as “Ashlee Simpson Becomes a Manatee”, and, needless to say, I was disappointed by the click-through.

  3. Rob Murphy

    Maura, how conflicted would you be if Ash released a single featuring…Patrick Stump??? I’d bet Pete could make that happen…

  4. tigerpop

    That’s what she looks like now? Dag. Did she think people would forget that whole SNL thing if she got an entirely new face?

  5. Marth

    @futurehorse: I thought the same thing. And for some reason I wasn’t the least bit confused about what it meant.

  6. Julio Allison


    But her whole “thing” used to be that she WASN’T JESSICA! I am shocked – SHOCKED – at Ashlee Simpson’s lack of artistic convictions.

  7. Nicolars

    If only you were referring to Hall and Oates’s “Maneater”…

  8. Chris Molanphy

    @tigerpop: She premiered the new schnozz more than a year ago, on her one-off (flop) single “Invisible” (actually the first song by her I’ve enjoyed).

  9. scarletvirtue

    @futurehorse: Well, if she did become a manatee, it would probably make her seem more interesting.

    @tigerpop: Looking at that photo, all I can think is, “she must be the missing Olsen triplet that no one speaks of…”

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