Led Zeppelin To “Officially” Play American Gig

ledzeppppp.jpgAfter surviving Jimmy Page’s finger scare and slogging through months of rumors about a full Led Zeppelin reunion tour or Robert Plant gyrating his way through the international summer festival circuit or Page and Plant playing an acoustic show at a Dress Barn in Paducah, the band has now been “confirmed” to play its first American gig in eons, at a venue that you might never have expected. This e-mail was sent to Bob Lefsetz, proprietor of The Lefsetz Letter, on Friday, and he happily shared it with his userbase:

Zeppelin just confirmed for Bonnaroo. They can’t officially announce until after the London gig so pass it on! Also Metallica is confirmed on the bill too!

Of all the venues in all the nifty 50… Bonnaroo? Really? Guess it is shaping up to be the closet thing we have to a classic rock festival in this country, unless the band was going to start hitting state fairs. So get those camping supplies in order now, kids! Led Zeppelin takes America and its hippies! And so does Metallica, if you can still manage to care.

  • strapsy

    I think you mean…

    “Bonnaroo? REALLY? Guest IT IS shaping up to be the closest thing we have to a CLASSIC ROCK FESTIVAL…”

  • Anonymous

    Seems logical, actually. Bonnaroo has always had an indie rock/jam band double helix thing going on, and Zep is arguably a forefather both those movements go back to. Looking back on last year’s lineup, it’s hard to find many acts that would actually deny Zep as an influence.

    Metallica, on the other hand…??? Out of place and far more irrelevant.