The Breeders Get Stripped Of Their Bong

This item on the forthcoming album by the Breeders (it’ll be produced by Steve Albini, but alas, it’ll be Josephine Wiggs-free) reminded me: Did you know that Fuse is now bleeping the word “bong” out of reairings of “Cannonball,” a bit of snipping that I don’t think was even practiced by MTV’s always-running-scared standards and practices department back in the day? And here I thought the Cablevision-owned music-video channel was so proud of its “edgier” stance when it came to scary words about sex and drugs and killing people. (I swear there was even one time when I saw the video for “Teenagers” on the channel and the audio on the words “murder” and “bleed” got pumped up through no volume-manipulation of my own.)

The Breeders reveal all about new album [NME]

  • bcapirigi

    they definitely didn’t delete the words when it was new. also, the video was closed-captioned and, since i thought it was whimsical to have the closed-captioning on my tv at all times, i learned that apparently the chorus to the song could be ‘i love you, cuckoo cannonball. i love you, cuckoo cannonball,’ and not, you know, ‘weear weear weear, weear weear weear.’

  • Ned Raggett

    alas, it’ll be Josephine Wiggs-free

    She hasn’t been in the band for a while now, though — last time I saw them about four years back it was the Deals and three dudes. (Fantastic show, can’t wait for this new album.)

  • PopIsNotDead

    I remember listening to a tape of Last Splash constantly at soccer camp. I still can’t hear the end of “Cannonball” without immediately expecting the first chords of “Invisible Man”.

  • Anonymous

    Man I used to love the Breeders so much… I will still pop in Pod and Last Spash sometimes. Cannonball was such an awesome video (imo). I remember playing “Saints” up at the open mic night once… I had my friend come up and sing the high part that goes “Sum-mer’s read-dy” :) Love those Breeders

  • sparkletone

    I really don’t see how you can go wrong putting The Breeders in a room with Steve Albini and a bunch of music gear.

  • narymary

    @sparkletone: I totally agree. If this album is anything like Pod I will be happier than hell.