No. 34: Kylie Minogue Vamps It Up


Kylie’s been hanging out with the Scissor Sisters a lot lately, in case you couldn’t tell after listening to No. 34.

“2 Hearts” was the first single to come out from Kylie Minogue’s comeback album X, and it’s a barnburner, a giddy stomp that I like to think is “dance music” for your bedroom. (Or your home office, as it were.) Outsized and vampish, with a video that shows off the moves that Kylie learned while perched at the knees of London’s drag queens, “2 Hearts” was the year’s best definition of the word “glam,” and every time I listen to it I want to put on fake eyelashes and the reddest, glossiest lipstick I can find. (Hey, it’s not like I can afford Louboutins.)

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