The Worst Album Cover Of The Year Tournament Faces The <s>Music</s> Plumage

facedowninthemetaphor.jpgFor the second entry in today’s Anatomically Incorrect bracket, we have pop emo godfathers Jimmy Eat World and their bald feathered metaphor for the place where babies come from (or out of) facing off (omg lol) against Bow Wow and Omarion’s collaborative efforts at facial reconstruction. Decide whether it’s two-in-the-face or one in the “bush” after the jump!

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  • musicquizking

    The JEW cover is horrid.

  • Anonymous

    I would give it to Jimmy Eat World (especially for that “O” in WORLD) if the Bow Wow/Omarion cover didn’t look so Zemeckis.

  • Anonymous

    It’s always something against JEWs isn’t it?

  • Cam/ron

    The Jimmy cover is only remarkable in a Freudian sense. It looks like there was an accident at the barber shop on the Face Off cover where gel is oozing over the victim’s face.

  • JudgeFudge

    I have something of a soft spot for the jimmy eat world cover, if only because it reminds me of the album artwork for The Bluteones self-titled record.

  • Paula

    The smoke on the Face Off cover is just too cliched for me. How many wispy smoke covers have we come across so far in this contest?

  • NickEddy

    I actually just thought the Jimmy thing was a rip-off of XTC – Apple Venus/Wasp Star.

  • summeroflove

    @WhosWho: aaaaaamen! how many more bad photoshopped collagey covers must we endure?

  • NoNewYork

    amen on the Apple Venus.
    the smoke just brings the omarion/bow wow cover over the state line seperating horribletown and south absolutelyfuckingdisgustinglyaestheticallyilliterateraina.

  • sparkletone

    Just because the JEW cover looks like a vagina is no reason to nominate it.

    Time for yet another badly photoshopped rap cover to advance.

  • Anonymous

    The O/Bow Wow cover is an affront to creativity because not only were they inspired by a so-so action flick, it’s not a “face off” on any level.

    And the “A” in “Face” is so obvious.

    Jimmy Eat World is boring.

    Lame Off wins.

  • Anonymous

    Yet another reason why O/Bow Wow should lose: There are two different covers! 1) CD: lesser of two evils 2) CD/DVD: aforementioned disaster.

  • Anonymous
  • bcapirigi

    Bow Wow might be a good Travolta (imagine if he had been in Hairspray!), but Nicolas Cage could kick the shit out of dumb Omarion any day. Even bad National Tresure Nicolas Cage.

  • Chris Molanphy

    The O/Bow Wow cover kinda reminds me of Debbie Harry’s frightful Koo Koo cover without the glorious art-damaged weirdness. So it wins here. If the Photoshopper had thought to pierce O’s and BW’s faces with daggers (and eliminated the smoke), then it would be among the year’s best.

  • cassidy2099

    “So-so action flick”? Watch your mouth when you discuss not only John Woo’s finest contribution to American cinema, but also the last good film to star John Travolta.

  • Anonymous

    MI2 was pretty good… haha.

  • noamjamski

    Face off is somehow really amateur and absurdly slick at the same exact time.

    For which it gets my vote. I hate when assholes get the good toys to play with.

  • OokieDookie

    I know you have the word “Eat” in your band’s name, but frankly, that avocado makes me lose my appetite.

  • TheMojoPin


    Bluetones FTW.