Googlers Want To Know: “Why Is That Boy With The Weird Glasses Singing About Superman?”

Dec 14th, 2007 // 3 Comments

crankdat.jpgGoogle’s year-end wrapup of search trends–the Google Zeitgeist–came out last night, and in addition to finding out that Hannah Montana fans are much more likely to use search engines than Rolling Stones fans and that people were more interested in learning about emo than about gout, the search engine compiled its list of the 10 most popular lyrics searches this year:

1. umbrella lyrics (rihanna)
2. soulja boy lyrics
3. bubbly lyrics (colbie caillat)
4. paramore lyrics
5. lil wayne lyrics
6. taylor swift lyrics
7. apologize lyrics (timbaland)
8. hannah montana lyrics
9. girlfriend lyrics (avril lavigne)
10. avril lavigne lyrics

I’m going to guess that Lil Wayne is up there just because of the sheer volume of music he put out this year. But Soulja Boy at No. 2? Is it just that people wanted to sing and do the dance at the same time, or are they trying to winnow down the exact meaning of the verb “to superman”?

Google Zeitgeist 2007 [Google]

  1. Rob Murphy

    Did Google release the number of people searching for the address of the CD’s — — website???

  2. Maura Johnston

    @DHMBIB: I don’t know, but I have to say that nothing depresses me more than seeing people Google for URLs.

  3. El Zilcho!

    What makes me sad isn’t even the music list; I understand the public’s love for music that I don’t particularly like. It’s that “Epic Movie” was the 4th most searched for movie of the year…

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