The Worst Album Cover Of The Year Tournament, Round II: A Whole New Collection Of Abominations

Dec 14th, 2007 // 12 Comments

grenadaabominations.jpgRound two of our Worst Album Cover Of The Year Tournament opens with two formidable contenders: Ted Nugent’s regular Love Grenade cover and Megadeth’s cover for United Abominations, which, according to one of our commenters, doubles as the debutante ball for the new-look Vic Rattlehead. Who apparently was formed from a lot of anti-UN anger and even more lens flare. Voting is after the jump, although why do I have the feeling that, were the Nuge and Dave Mustaine to get wind of this little battle, they’d elect to solve it with guns, and not ballots? (And why do I have a feeling that we might be seeing an upset in this little battle once the smoke clears?)

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  1. Anonymous

    Megadeth by a mile. The Nuge cover is not really bad at all, and could be from his heyday, aside from what would be the anachronism of the presumably unintended breast cancer awareness signifier.

  2. beta.rogan

    I’ll take Album Abominations for $1000, Alex.

  3. Cam/ron

    I still have little idea of what that green-pink blotch on the Megadeth cover is. It sorta looks like an angel. If we’re judging eyesores, the guy who got fired from Metallica wins the Lions Club scholarship.

  4. bcapirigi

    i voted for megadeth, even though i sort of like that they’ve kept the same logo forever. next to all that megadeth nonsense, the love grenade cover looks almost quaint. plus, if there can be breast cancer awareness sun chips, why not breast cancer awareness grenades, too? (i can’t believe i’m defending that cover….)

  5. El Zilcho!

    Sorry Uncle Ted. Be glad you have two entries this year, because Megadeth really outdid themselves with this one.

  6. summeroflove

    I’m so annoyed and offended at Ted Nugent for even going through the trouble of making that other cover that I voted for him. However, between these two covers there’s no contest that Megadeth wins.

  7. noamjamski

    I really like United Abominations as an album, but certainly not that cover. It got my vote.

  8. Anonymous

    I love the Megadeath cover in all its overabundant glory.

    On to the next round they go.

  9. FionaScrapple

    Superb album, super-crappy cover. Deth!

  10. science vs romance

    megadeth is ugly as hell, but fighting breast cancer with hand grenades wins my vote for nugent.

  11. Richaod

    Hurrah, I’m the nameless commentator! Anyway, I can’t help myself from voting based on musical quality.

  12. Olfat

    Lol, Justin Bieber can have his crazy twitter gourps, but do his fans wait for days in the rain outside the arena just to see him live!? Didn’t think so. Tokio Hotel fans are the best fans, and Tokio Hotel is the best band ^^

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