(30 Seconds Of) Britney Spears’ New Video: Watch Those Hair Extensions Fly

Dec 14th, 2007 // 14 Comments

So here’s a 30-second preview of the video for Britney Spears’ “Piece Of Me,” which apparently is the second video off of Blackout to be made in spite of its star, and not because of her. At least, I think that’s the case–the footage of the blondes with bad weaves making a mess of their hotel room doesn’t seem to have Spears in it, probably because the producers could only entice her to show up and half-heartedly lipsync the lyrics. And about that footage: The confusion on her face as she’s miming the wahhmbulance-chaser lament only serves to solidify my opinion that Bloodshy & Avant crafted this glitchy track through cutting and pasting syllables Spears had sung during other sessions, with Robyn coming in to supply any syllables that might have been unsalvageable by even the most intrepid ProTools user.

Britney Spears – Piece Of Me Official Music Video Preview! [YouTube]


  1. Anonymous

    What a horribly boring video for such a great great song. I mean, I wasn’t expecting them to take guest-Idolator Mike Barthel’s advice, but really! Even a possibly-offensive “Coma White”-style Princess Di’s-death-analogue (with a Britney stand-in if they couldn’t get her for the video) would have been better than this.

  2. egg cream

    The problem is, she kind of already did the Princess Di analogue with “Everytime.”

  3. Anonymous

    @girlboymusic: I totally forgot about that video! But still, they could have come up with something better than this.

  4. bcapirigi

    omg best gratuitous use of an accent grave EVER.

  5. Thierry

    Couldn’t they CGI some enthusiasm onto Britney’s face? This is actually a pretty good single (in large part because it’s really a Robyn single), but I’m tired of Britney’s sleepwalking-through-the-video shtick. It’s like watching her star in 3.5-minute versions of Weekend At Bernie’s over and over again!

  6. Ned Raggett

    Someone Photoshop a Weekend at Britney’s poster kthxbye.

  7. Nunya B

    Okay, the “ghettoesque” dancing in the fur coat has not ceased to amuse me since I first played it about ten plays ago. Anyone with me?

  8. Tenno

    =( I still don’t get why her hair hasn’t grown back, and those rascals at Jezebel ignored me. Don’t make me Google this shit people, I’m at work.

  9. Maura Johnston

    @Tenno: My guess would be her chronic abuse of cheap-ass extensions and hair dye.

  10. rad_matter

    If I were Fresh of Crunk and Disorderly and I wanted to put that video on my blog, I would have to label this one “Fuck Effort.”

  11. Anonymous

    @Thierry: really. i just had to watch it with the sound off, but she always looks like she’s giving it about 10%.

    and you’d think with all the money she makes they could some how make it at least LOOK like she cares.

  12. Tenno

    Ok, that makes sense. This one death-metal girl in my high school evidently dyed her hair so much it all fell out. No word on if Federline had anything to do with it.

  13. jus10j

    At least the video’s easy to watch, unlike the last one.

    And at least she looks pretty good.

    And at least the song’s listenable.

    …Why wasn’t this the lead single?

  14. I think Paris Hilton was done up to look like Marilyn Monroe for her new fragrance TEASE. So of course they would have her look a bit older for the photo shoot.

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