The Worst Album Cover Of The Year Tournament, Round II: Can The Giant Baby Defeat The Whole World?

Dec 14th, 2007 // 18 Comments

oneforolsson.jpgPJ Olsson’s gargantuan winged infant narrowly beat Texas hip-hopper Chingo Bling (by just eight votes!) in the first round of our Worst Album Cover Of The Year Tournament, but can the (big) little fella go on to crush ex-Kisser Peter Criss, who’s marshaled the forces of the entire planet behind him? Decide whether it’s Olsson’s angels or Criss’ united nations after the jump!

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  1. Al Shipley

    OK, this is officially where the choices start to get difficult. But I think I’m going to go with the font that makes One For All look like it says Info Rail.

  2. Anonymous


    That angel looks like it could snort up Criss’s world with one inhalation.

    PJ wins.

  3. beta.rogan

    @GovernmentNames: I actually LOL’d on that one.

  4. Paula

    Honestly, I have a hard time deciding. Really, it comes down to which one reminds me more of a badly designed American Greetings card….

    Shit, they both look like badly designed American Greetings cards.

  5. Hiphopopotamus

    Have to go with Peter Criss just because of the complete lack of imagination, or effort, or skill, or well, anything. Pretty sure I drew that in 8th grade art class.

  6. Ned Raggett

    Criss makes me think of the start of Xanadu (probably said that last time around), but it’s gotta be Olsson

  7. summeroflove

    Actually I know a lot of people will disagree with me but I don’t mind the PJ cover. Criss on the other hand, I agree with the 8th grade art class project. I particularly like that all the flags of the world are framing the art. Very Times-Square-postcard-collection.

  8. Nicolars

    @Ned Raggett: You say that like that’s a bad thing.

  9. musicquizking

    As a life long Kiss fan I have still say Peter should get this one.

  10. FionaScrapple

    The tear does it for me.

  11. Ned Raggett

    @Nicolars: You must excuse me — I forgot to clarify that Criss makes me think of a VERY BAD version of the start of Xanadu.

  12. Rilo-Andy

    Team American Scream all the way! I think it can take down the Nuge!

  13. El Zilcho!

    @FionaScrapple: Holy crap! I never noticed the tear. That makes it so much worse.

  14. scott pgwp

    @FionaScrapple: me too. Just when I think maybe it’s a battle, I remember the tear. I really think this one’s no contest. That baby is going to clap the Empire State Building to death!

  15. tigerpop

    Not that this has anything to do with the contest, but these both remind me of things I would have seen in a Rhino used bin around 1992. (Exception made for the two light beams on the Olsson cover–had the art director ever actually seen the NYC skyline? This puts the WTC site around 25th st.)

  16. cassidy2099

    I really hate the Peter Criss cover, but that baby…god, that’s going to haunt me for years.

  17. science vs romance

    the misplacement of the WTC makes the baby angel shed a single tear. his little angel friends swoop in to comfort their giant-headed pal. p.j. olsson for the win.

  18. Anonymous

    Why have these not yet been posted on the “Most ridiculous album covers of all time” list? []

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