Looking Back On A Week In Which We Let The Sun Beat Down Upon Our Faces

• A few old British guys got their old band back together, which seemed to please a few people. • If there’s one thing everyone loves doing, it’s debating the idea of the “hottie.” • The top music of 2007: LCD Soundsystem! Arcade Fire! And … Fergie. • And adding to the list-making chorus, our Top 40 List Of Awesomeness ran the gamut, from an SVU guest star to LCD. • Janet Jackson is cramping her own style. • The Worst Album Cover Of The Year Tournament moved on to its aesthetically displeasing second round. • We brought you some holiday songs that you won’t hear in Rite Aid. • Vibe took a few pages from Us Weekly. • Lupe Fiasco: Too Cool for Jess? • Al broke down the Grammys’ love for all things Foo.