The Worst Album Cover Of The Year Tournament Advises You To Put On Some Sunglasses

Dec 17th, 2007 // 19 Comments

ohmygodthatperrysshameless.jpgWe turn now to the “Bad Photoshop” bracket of the Worst Album Cover Of The Year Tournament, which should probably be temporarily named the “My Eyes” bracket in honor of the aesthetic travesties facing off in this installment of the contest. Yiiii! In one corner, we have Satellite Party’s Ultra Payloaded, which shows that Perry Farrell’s facility for titling albums is almost as bad as his ability to not abuse the drop shadow. And in the other, we have Britney Spears, who continues her quest to be the queen of Google News with the blink-and-you’ll-be-blinded cover of Blackout. Which deserves to make it on to the next round? Vote after the jump!

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The Worst Album Cover Of The Year Tournament 2007


  1. El Zilcho!

    At least I can tell that that’s Britney Spears. What is happening in that Satellite Party cover?

  2. Anonymous

    This is sooooo hard. :(

    Then again, is that an Indian headdress Perry has on? Oy.

    Perry wins.

  3. Philonius_Louvin

    The BS cover looks cheap, (Why wasn’t that obvious?) while the Perry Farrell cover is truly godawful.

  4. sparkletone

    Mekka Lekka Hi-Mekka Perry Ho!

  5. girlhappy

    Something in my hungover brain just read “aesthetic travesties” as “aesthetic transvestites,” which, perhaps, is not so far off.

  6. Paula

    Honestly, if you’d have asked me when it first came out, I would have said that the BS cover should win the game, if only because I have an aversion to conflicting photoshop filters.

    But when put immediately next to the Satellite Party cover, I have been forced to accept that there are indeed fates worse than conflicting photoshop filters. In Satellite Party’s case, it’s poorly-done digital silk-screening. And a fucking drop-shadow.

  7. Cam/ron

    If Perry removed the chick from the cover, it would’ve gained 10 points. Oh wait, the cover would still be a kick in the eye. Voting for BS is like “slapping yourself in the face!” as Perry would sing it.

  8. TinyK

    Papa Smurf told me to vote for Perry.

  9. FionaScrapple

    Ain’t no party like a satellite party….

  10. Tenno

    Yes. Satellite Party humps my eyes. It is one, horrible, terrible monstrosity of an album cover. BS’s is just lazy and she probably did it herself, Perry’s on the other hand was made by a handless leper with no eyes, hence all the strokes.

  11. tigerpop

    @Tenno: “It is one, horrible, terrible monstrosity of an album cover.”

    To say nothing of the album itself! Hey-oh!

  12. bcapirigi

    @Tenno: humps my eyes is my new favorite thing to say.

  13. DeeJayQueue

    Brittney: bad, but in that “Oh shit the album is going to press in an hour? Get my cousin on the phone. He’s got MS Publisher and he’s probably stoned.” sort of way.

    Sattelite Party: Someone spent an inordinate amount of time fucking this up.

  14. Anonymous

    The Satellite Party cover art looks like the cover of a lost issue of Mondo 2000. (Just in case it’s unclear, I do not mean that as praise.)

  15. Tenno

    Yes skull fucking is funny. Ha.

    That having been said, the Satellite Party album is obviously an attempt at high-art masking itself as low-art which is of course very, very high-art in the area of the Piss-Christ exhibit and therefore complete shit.

  16. HUGE_Hefner

    If you put it like that, Perry’s is worst. I really tought Britney was a sure bet for the final rounds. This tournament is merciless.

  17. Lucas Jensen

    @HUGE_Hefner: We’re all winners here.

  18. Lucas Jensen

    @Tenno: Piss Christ is a pretty cool piece, really.

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