Timbaland Uses Madonna As A Prop

Dec 17th, 2007 // 1 Comment

So at Friday night’s Jingle Ball, the most interminable set belonged to Timbaland, who spent most of his allotted time–I’m not sure of the exact minute count, but it seemed way longer than it was regardless–namedropping Justin Timberlake, hoisting around his son, and spinning that Scott Storch dis track in an effort to remind the audience of who he was. Well! Apparently he realized that these tactics weren’t really the best way to keep the attention of a bunch of hormonally charged adolescents, so at the Philadelphia installment of the Jingle Ball he previewed the track “Four Minutes To Save The World,” which is apparently going to serve as the “Ayo Technology” for Madonna’s upcoming-album-that’s-not-called-Licorice. If you can make it out over the guy screaming (and Timbaland), you can hear a slightly booty-shaking track that sounds kind of like Madonna instructed Timbo to update “Into The Groove” and add a little bit of Justin so as to make Lourdes’ schoolmates think that she’s the “cool mom” of her daughter’s class. (Also: I bet you that once Duran Duran hears this they’re going to be all, “Bloody hell, did we pay him his discount ‘save a popstar, save the world’ rate by accident?”)

Timbaland concert [New Madge/JT song preview--4.M.T.S.T.W.] [YouTube]

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