The Worst Album Cover Of The Year Race Turns Its Back On Blake Lewis

Dec 17th, 2007 // 31 Comments

coheedthedaydream.jpgToday’s second entry in the Bad Photoshop bracket pits Coheed And Cambria’s No World For Tomorrow against Blake Lewis’ Audio Daydream, two covers that have led to more great jokes from the comments section than perhaps any others in our tournament so far! Seriously, Trapper Keeper gags, flashbacks to the days of school photos, a K-Pax shout-out, Frank Frazetta and Double Dragon and Matt Foley references… these two monstrostities have really inspired y’all. But alas, only one may advance to the next round.

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  1. Anonymous

    Is that Nathan Explosion on the cover of the Coheed and Cambria album? :)

  2. musicquizking

    Is that the Ultimate Warrior on the cover of the Coheed and Cambria album?

  3. FionaScrapple

    Is that Thundarr the Barbarian on the cover of the Coheed and Cambria album? :)

  4. Camp Tiger Claw

    Is that Anne Murray on the cover of the Blake Lewis album? :)

  5. Jasonbob7

    Is that an ad for Levi’s Jeans on the cover of the Coheed and Cambria album? :)

  6. Paula

    Is it just me, or does the C&C album art look like a bad 2nd edition Orson Scott Card paperback cover?

    Honestly though, I’m hard-pressed to decide. I think that I might have to forswear my previous loyalty to the K-Pax cover and go with the perspective-challenged Orson Scott Card hero. My reasoning? The earthquake gash is awkwardly placed, making it look like our intrepid hero let out a fart that could literally split the earth. And that just sort of makes me uncomfortable.

  7. Anonymous

    I love how the audio cable is inches from strangling Blake.

    Blake wins.

  8. neworiginals

    I know comments can’t talk, but they can smile, and I don’t like that!
    /brian fellow

  9. brasstax

    While these are both pretty awful, Blake’s album art is wholly forgettable in moments. C&C, on the other hand, have let loose an eyesore for the ages.

  10. Jasonbob7

    @WhosWho: HAHAHAHA!! Yes. That “dust cloud” wafting below the hero’s ass backs up your point. Come to think of it, Blake’s cover sorta looks like a gust of wind is blowing the fart-cloud past his nose, and he’s making the “what’s that smell?” face.

  11. DigitalLogic

    Blake based on the bad chin scruff someone pointed out in the last round.

  12. tigerpop

    @Jasonbob7: “and he’s making the ‘what’s that smell?’ face.”

    Same face I made when I heard the single! Heyy-oh!

    Oh damn, I already used that one today.

  13. Clevertrousers

    I like that the C&C album looks like John Redcorn made a post-apocalypic dook.

  14. Clevertrousers

    If I had a van, I would totally get the C&C album cover airbrushed on the side. Plus I’d get wood paneling and bolt a bong to the floor. Fuck yeah!

  15. stephenbush

    Coheed and Cambria wins because I keep noticing new, terrible aspects in that cover. My favorite today is the planets (?!) that are located inside the earthquake gash. Incredible. More people need to vote for Coheed and pull it through!

  16. BigRicks

    Wait, I’m confused, when did C&C Music Factory come out with a prog-metal album?

  17. Bob Loblaw

    @rhythmchyc: Given that he’s having an audio
    daydream, I think the cord might actually be coming out of his neck
    (i.e. Dude, why waste your time on iTunes when you can upload directly
    from my spinal column?)

  18. Chris N.

    Are those Bugle Boy jeans he’s wearing?

  19. El Zilcho!

    Isn’t it obvious that Blake Lewis has to win here? There’s two of him! TWO!

  20. DeeJayQueue

    There are enough people out there who learned photoshop in a few afternoons to make this Blake Lewis travesty at least forgettable, blending in to the background noise.

    Someone had to take special time and draw this C&C monstrosity. They put real, tangible effort into failing so bad. There were bad copies, rejected sketches, recolorings, and somewhere, somebody has the original acrylic painting of this, this thing.

  21. Anonymous

    @Bob Loblaw:

    Ewww, that reasoning just made this cover even more appalling. Oh God, I hear the beatboxing reverberating in my head. Make it stop!!

  22. Lucas Jensen

    @DeeJayQueue: I totally agree. This is some high school art crap. I can’t believe C&C is losing this one.

  23. summeroflove

    Although both albums are in pretty bad taste, I wish I could say that the C&C album wanted to be retrotastic. However, it just looks like the artist is stuck in the 70′s. Therefore it wholeheartedly gets my vote.

  24. Cam/ron

    It looks like Blake Lewis might have the “Ken, By Request Only” cover of the 00′s: []

  25. Janelleyo

    The album art for C&C completely describes the story that is in the music. That doesn’t make it better, trust me.

  26. Cam/ron

    In speaking of, my favorite all-time bad record cover: []

  27. AnnoyingFemaleLeadVoiceover

    Worst!? I can’t decide which of these should be on black velvet to hang in my living room.

    What is Blake looking at anyway?

  28. Lucas Jensen

    @HUGE_Hefner: I agree. That C&C cover is relentlessly amateur.

  29. HUGE_Hefner

    I can´t believe C&C isn’t winning, what are you people thinking?

  30. HUGE_Hefner

    Also, that show “Xavier: Renegade Angel” is amazing. Thanks to whoever mentioned it last time.

  31. Jfrankparnell

    Vote for C&C, because that’s the symbol for Jimmy Page in the sky

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