Pretty Ricky Wants You (In A Collaborative Way)

Dec 18th, 2007 // 6 Comments

77986304.jpgPretty Ricky–the hormone-charged R & B outfit who some of you may remember as “those dudes who kept the Shins from hitting No. 1 earlier this year”–is looking for a new member after Pleasure (née Marcus Ramone Cooper) announced his plans for a solo career on the BET Awards’ red carpet a few months back. Like other bands looking for new blood, the remaining Rickys have hit the Web to find their new member, and they’re also hoping to wrangle a reality series out of some writers’-strike-starved network. But it may actually make compelling TV, since the Miami-based now-threesome isn’t looking for someone who can sing as much as it’s looking for someone who can uphold the Pretty Ricky-approved standards of classy interactions with ladies:

“We want to stay true to the sound,” Baby Blue explained. “We’re a hip-hop and R&B group. The three of us rap, and the fourth member has to be a singer just to keep the music consistent.”

If the downsized trio’s plans come to life, their search for a replacement will hit the small screen via a reality series. The group is pitching the plot to several networks. According to Baby Blue, the focus will be on the fit of a new member more than anything.

“It’s more about [whether a new member can] be another brother and just cope with all our family issues or whatever,” Baby Blue said. “And they got to be a woman magnet. They got to know how to deal with these ladies, ’cause that’s one thing we got to do. That’s why the music is all about women, because Pretty Ricky loves the ladies and the ladies love Pretty Ricky.”

Hmm, dealing with the ladies? Well, that probably counts out the furniture-loving boys in Peer Pressure, since they seem to be more into showering their affections on inanimate objects. Although if Pretty Ricky’s “Search For The Next Rick” does get picked up, I’d recommend that they be included in the cast, especially since, with some creative editing, they can provide some go-to comic relief. Witness:

Pretty Ricky’s Only Requirement For A New Member? ‘They Got To Be A Woman Magnet’ [MTV]
Re: Pretty Ricky – Late Night Special [YouTube]
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  1. the rich girls are weeping

    Good riddance — Pleasure was the least attractive member of Pretty Ricky. :P I hope they get someone cuter.

  2. Rob Murphy

    Amanda Bynes is not impressed, as Pretty Ricky did not make P4K’s top 50 for 2007. [except maybe possibly, Pretty Ricky released a Spanish-language record under an alter-ego..."45: Ricardo Villalobos, Fabric 36"]

  3. Anonymous

    Let’s hope the replacement is tall enough to see above Amanda Bynes’s chest.

  4. Al Shipley

    The one guy who left was as awful a singer as the other guys in Pretty Ricky are awful rappers, so the addition of anyone halfway capable to the group would be an improvement.

  5. Maura Johnston

    i’m just hoping that pleasure decides to adopt the name ‘marcus ramone’ for his solo career. not only is it infinitely more googleable, think about the hilarity that would ensue!

  6. Rilo-Andy

    Thanks for the Youtube video… It further proves my theory that the theme from “Benny Hill” + Anything = Comic Gold!

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