Nicole Scherzinger’s New Song

scherzinwhaaaa.jpgIn the latest attempt to save her increasingly doomed solo album, Nicole Scherzinger is going the “singing about her vagina over a vaguely ‘ethnic-sounding’ track produced by Akon” route. It’s a terrible song, but at least it makes her “I am a very conservative Catholic” claim in the new Entertainment Weekly even more hilarious–except to all the people at Interscope/Geffen who got laid off as a result of “belt-tightening,” of course. [Kevipod Music]

  • Anonymous

    The fact that her fans chose this as her third single says a lot about their penchant for the slutacious.

    Unless the vagina is a huge metaphor…

  • Tenno

    Had her vagina been that huge, it would have been released first. This is either poorly chosen empowerment, or she has some horny dudes in her voting demographic.

    ‘course the song could just be good, but hell, I refuse to listen.