Pretty Ricky Discovers Pleasure Can Also Be A Real Pain

Dec 18th, 2007 // Comment

prettyricky.jpgYou might think it difficult to get hot and bothered by the dry proceedings of a breach-of-contract lawsuit, but like King Midas (if he was all about bald metaphors for getting to third base), everything Pretty Ricky rubs turns sexy. As the other Rickys scramble to find a replacement for departed crooner Pleasure, the thrusting crotch born Marcus Cooper has now filed a (sexy) complaint against his former manager “[decieving] the singer by first acting as a surrogate father” and then “exploiting” him. Who knew the inner workings of a softcore teen R&B foursome would be so sordid?

Pleasure, according to the information filed earlier this week, is seeking a release from his contract with Bluestar and back pay owed to him. The suit claims that the former Pretty Ricky star has not been properly compensated for his contributions to the group, whose two albums have both been certified gold, pushing more than 500, 000 copies each.

The suit also alleges that Smith used physical intimidation. According to the complaint, when Pleasure began to distance himself from the group and sought out the friendship of others, in one instance, Smith attacked a friend of the singer’s as a means of coercion.

In addition to his other transgressions (his legal team is mum so far on Pleasure’s accusations), Smith is the dad of two of the Rickys, and I sincerely hope he wasn’t also in charge of coaching the group on how to grind on everything in sight. (On the other hand, that would be the kind of hands-on parenting that’s rare in an era of latchkey homes.) Also, how happy am I that we’ve had occasion to post two Pretty Ricky stories today? Maura’s right, Pretty Ricky really is better than Santa Claus!

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