No. 17: Lil Wayne Makes A High (Profile) Debut On Our List

Dec 19th, 2007 // 3 Comments

lilwayne.jpgBut does the song at No. 17 get just a little too high?

Not quite sure where we’re at in terms of the Lil Wayne hype-to-hate-and-back-again cycle at the moment, and you know, who cares? But hey, if we’re going to celebrate a guy who’s (contentiously) made “druggy”/”outre” references his reason for rapping, we might as well nominate the droopy weirdness of “I Feel Like Dying” as his best mixtape moment of the year, where Weezy rolls up the crowd-pleasing pop cultural allusions and smokes them in favor of doing the backstroke in a “sea of codeine” and crushing pretenders to the throne under his neon cleats on a “marajuana field,” a woozy, extended pharmacological mash note/riff on the joys of a well-stocked medicine cabinet. You may balk at the “best rapper alive” boasts; I don’t quite buy the line that Da Drought 3 is the best thing to happen to metaphor in the 21st-century so far; and Wayne’s reach will have to be reassessed if and when Tha Carter 3 ever drops. But I can’t deny his prolix efforts at self-canonization made me happier than any other rapper this year. (Also: there’s something so right about this fan-made video having Wayne’s voice coming out of the mouth of Gollum from Lord Of The Rings.)

Lil Wayne – “I Feel Like Dying” <[YouTube]
Lil Wayne [MySpace]
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  1. walkmasterflex

    when i saw that opening clip of the grudge girl floating down the hall, i seriously thought it was lil wayne. y’know, same hair and all

  2. Weezy F Baby

    YEAH! in case there was any question before, this confirms it: best year-end list EVER

  3. Al Shipley

    I spent the past 6 months avoiding this song because by the time it dropped I was already sick of bloggers hyperventilating every time Wayne said something about being a Martian or eating a star. Sitting down and finally listening to it in full, I’m utterly confounded why this song, of all the tracks he made this year, keeps popping up on year-end lists. The novelty must be wearing off now that he sounds too faded to form a complete thought on half of his latest verses.

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