ABC News Whistled Its Way Through 2007 With Peter, Bjorn, And John

Dec 20th, 2007 // 20 Comments

pbjbarf.jpgBecause 2007′s not over for another 11 days, here’s… ABC News’ list of the Top 50 albums of the year. Their No. 1 pick? The 2006 LP by trendy Swedish whistlers Peter, Bjorn, and John, anchored by their evil, evil, don’t-speak-the-name-aloud indie hit. (Oh great. Now it’s in my head! Fuck!) No word yet on Headline News’ take on the raging “In Rainbows before or after Neon Bible” controversy, the Discovery Channel’s picks for the year’s best hip-hop, or Hannity and Colmes‘ opinions on M.I.A. But we’ve got our ears open for you.

THE GOOD: I really hope they’re playing PJ Harvey’s White Chalk (No. 11) in the Good Morning America green room right now.
THE BAD: A cynical person might say that this list is washed whiter than a polar bear after an asshole bleaching. But who wants to be cynical so close to the holidays?
THE WHAAAA? ABC News’ list is unsurprisingly newsy. For instance, we learn that Kristin Hersh “sounds like a female Kurt Cobain.”

1. PETER BJORN & JOHN, Writer’s Block
2. SPOON, Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga
3. RADIOHEAD, In Rainbows
4. M.I.A., Kala
5. SHOUT OUT LOUDS, Our Ill Wills
6. THE GO! TEAM, Proof of Youth
7. LAURA VEIRS, Saltbreakers
8. LILY ALLEN, Alright Still
9. ELENI MANDELL, Miracle of Five
11. P.J. HARVEY, White Chalk
12. MARK RONSON, Version
13. NINE INCH NAILS, Year Zero
14. COMMON, Finding Forever
15. K.T. TUNSTALL, Drastic Fantastic
16. MAXIMO PARK, Our Earthly Pleasures
17. RILO KILEY, Under The Blacklight
18. ALBERT HAMMOND JR., Yours to Keep
19. AMY WINEHOUSE, Back to Black
20. A BAND OF BEES, Octopus
21. FOUNTAINS OF WAYNE, Traffic and Weather
23. IDLEWILD, Make Another World
24. WILCO, Sky Blue Sky
25. THEY MIGHT BE GIANTS, The Else / Cast Your Pod to the Wind
26. SLOAN, Never Hear The End Of It
27. THE PERISHERS, Victorious
28. FEIST, The Reminder
29. THE HIVES, The Black & White Album
30. CARINA ROUND, Slow Motion Addict
31. UNDERWORLD, Oblivion With Bells
32. BLOC PARTY, A Weekend in the City
34. THE SHINS, Wincing The Night Away
35. TEGAN & SARA, The Con
36. KATE HAVNEVIK, Melankton
37. BEASTIE BOYS, The Mix Up
38. KEREN ANN, Keren Ann
39. NEW PORNOGRAPHERS, Challengers
40. CROWDED HOUSE, Time On Earth
41. GORILLAZ, D-Sides
42. SUZANNE VEGA, Beauty & Crime
43. AIR, Pocket Symphony
46. KRISTIN HERSH, Learn To Sing Like A Star
48. PREFUSE 73, Preparations
50. KANYE WEST, Graduation

The Top 50 Albums Of 2007 [ABC News via ILM]

  1. Jfrankparnell

    Newsy, yeah, but the unthruthiness of their Hersh-like-Cobain bit gives a chuckle. Hersh made records long before Kurdt. Wild how his rep changes the canon more than his talent does.

  2. JudgeFudge

    Wow. I never thought I’d see Fountains Of Wayne on any of this year’s lists – or that instrumental beastie boys record!

  3. SomeSound-MostlyFury

    Well at least you can this is a relatively honest list, and not wholly influenced by other critics. I mean, you’d have to be ironic or head-shakingly honest to put KT Tunstall and Idlewild in your top 25. And ABCNews isn’t good at irony.

  4. extracrispy

    I’ve been wondering this all year: Is Peter Bjorn and John two dudes or three? And why do Swedes hate commas?

  5. mike a

    we learn that Kristin Hersh “sounds like a female Kurt Cobain.”

    That is news.

  6. Looks like I picked the wrong day to quit sniffing glue

    “A cynical person might say that this list is washed whiter than a polar bear after an asshole bleaching.”

    I’m adding this into every conversation I can from now on.

  7. Al Shipley

    Wow, good to finally see Eleni Mandell in someone’s top 10 (although Harp and Paste both had her in the lower reaches of their top 50 lists). Between that and the mention of my #1 album of the year (Sloan), I’m kind of scared about how much more I have in common with this list than that of most music publications.

  8. Dead Air ummm Dead Air

    No Magic?

    Well played, ABC News. Well played.

  9. bcapirigi

    any list that puts suzanne vega ahead of stupid kanye west is awesome in my book. also, they got three of my top 4 (including keren ann!) this might be my favorite list yet.

  10. BigRicks

    I’m not sure what this says about ABC News or Rolling Stone, but 2 of RS’s top 3 don’t make this list at all. I think I might love this list.

  11. Rob Murphy

    @bcapirigi: I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again — that Keren Ann record is great, especially if you were a fan of Mazzy Star back in the day…

  12. Rob Murphy

    @extracrispy: Also, I forwarded a link to this post to my friend “Sven”, who replied:

    Too many commas in the post title. Truly, I Saab every time I see another example of Absolut hate for all-things-Swedish from you Ameritards.

  13. Bob Loblaw

    The Arcade Fire stole Charlie Gibson’s basketball.

  14. Jerkwheat

    Sloan, Fiest, Tegan and Sara, New Pornographers..

    was this actually CBC News?

  15. Vince Neilstein

    I am so tired of seeing Radiohead atop the year end lists. It was a pretty good album, definitely not their best and certainly not landmark in any way — other than the way it was released/marketed. Why do I feel like people are rating it based on the marketing scheme, not the actual MUSIC?

  16. drjimmy11

    I am so tired of seeing Radiohead atop the year end lists.

  17. drjimmy11

    oops that didnt work. “Seeing” and “atop the year end lists” were supposed to be crossed out.

  18. tigerpop

    @JudgeFudge: YES! Best Fountains of Wayne record yet.

  19. Anonymous

    This is a pretty immaculate list with a few surprises, but altogether very honest. I’m pleasantly surprised to see Lily Allen in the top 10. Regardless of her criticisms, I think that album was solid mostly becuase it was fun, lighthearted, and so different from anything else before her at that time. You should check out the London Live footage of her over at

  20. science vs romance

    Before we finalize our ballots — does PBJ count as 2007 or 2006?

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