The Worst Album Cover Of The Year Tournament Is Under Attack By The Photoshopped Purple People Eaters

Dec 20th, 2007 // 26 Comments

inspacenoonecanhearyouturnpurple.jpgThe final battle in our Bad Photoshop bracket is dominated by a certain color, but which pukey purple powerhouse will go on to be crowned the winner? Personally, my bet’s on Perry Farrell payload of pure puce poo-poo, one of the few covers in our tournament that can make the vile violet of Blake Lewis’ Audio Daydream look pleasing to the eye.

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  1. Ned Raggett

    That Satellite Party cover gets uglier every time I have to see the damn thing.

  2. Jasonbob7

    It saddens me that I’d rather look at two Blake Lewises over one hot chick and one Perry Farrell.

  3. Rilo-Andy

    @Ned Raggett: The cover or Perry Ferrell?

  4. Nicolars

    @Ned Raggett: Me too! I don’t even think I voted for it in the first round, but now I think it has a singular level of lurid awfulness.

  5. extracrispy

    I voted Blake for the bad facial hair.

  6. Anonymous

    Hah! Now Blake’s giving Perry the concerned look.

    Farrell’s cover’s gnarly, dude! He wins. Flawless victory.

  7. Diglett

    I think both of these guys just wanted to get a head start on the karaoke backdrop graphics.

  8. Sleepyhead

    How come the LCD Soundsystem guy is called Blake Lewis now?

  9. Maura Johnston

    @Sleepyhead: He is North American Idol Scum.

  10. science vs romance

    Every time I find something new to hate/love about the Satellite Party. This round, let us turn our attention to the “motion lines” emanating from the script S & P, shall we?

  11. noamjamski

    Satellite Party gets the vote (and it looks like a landslide).

    Jane’s had some amazing album covers. Farrell either had great aesthetic choice or hired others who did. To go from the wonderful iconography of Nothing’s Shocking to this is disgusting.

  12. tigerpop

    The Nuge should be quaking in his boots right now–I think Perry’s gonna take this.

  13. rogerniner

    @tigerpop: Naw, he’ll just stuff a love granade in Perry’s mouth and shred his ass to Arkansas.

  14. sparkletone

    This was the only thing approaching a toss up for me in the matches between the final 8.

    But in the end, my heart tells me that MEKKA LEKKA HI MEKKA PERRY HO deserves my vote more than some beatboxing game show contestant.

  15. Nicolars

    @science vs romance: I didn’t even really notice the motion lines until now. Scary.

  16. DeeJayQueue

    they’re both ultrashitty, but at least blake’s cover is done with a high degree of technical skill… the photo is exposed correctly, the fractal flame work is good, the illustrative touches in the background are done well, and integrated into the piece with at least a little bit of forethought. It might look like hot ass, but that’s mainly because of bad design decisions, not skill.

    The Satellite Party cover is just fucking poor. The photography is horrendous, the photoshopping is 10th grade or less, the color choices, layout, everything about this is just grrrrr… it makes me mad that something could fail so much.

  17. Jasonbob7

    @Nicolars: Not motion lines…they’re little radio waves, emanating out like in XM’s logo. Still, they are super-crappy.

  18. ascot-revival

    Not sure if anyone’s pointed this out before, but that Lewis cover belongs on the side of a ’70′s conversion van.

  19. El Zilcho!

    I’m tellin’ ya, people’s hate for Satellite Party is rising. It’s gonna be the upset victor in this tournament.

  20. Anonymous

    @noamjamski: Well, I was going to wait until the final round to mention the “Song Yet to Be Sung” cover, but now that you mention it… [[url=]Amazon[/url]]

    @Jasonbob7: Also the actual album title is written in really small font, albeit parallel to the word “Party” above it. “Satellite” and “Party,” on the other hand, appear to be oriented at differing angles.

  21. Anonymous

    @lastclearchance: ARGH I used bbcode like an idiot. [Amazon]

  22. On the Spot

    On pure aesthetics, this was one of the most difficult match-ups yet. So like any good Academy voter, I based my choice on my personal prejudices: No matter how fucked up and disappointing he gets, there’s no way Perry has ever done anything worse than Blake’s best.

  23. Sleepyhead

    @tigerpop: Yeah, I’m thinking Perry is the underdog upset at the end of the competition. You’re all waiting with baited breath for my “Why the Nuge’s cover is only 92% as shitty” speech. Right?

  24. summeroflove

    Yep, this is pretty tough but I go with the murky puce vomit factor on Satellite Party. That and the fact that that chick on the side is annoying. What is she DOING there??

  25. summeroflove

    That and the fact that Perry Farrell looks like a corpse.

  26. BakerStreetSaxSolo

    yeah but, the Satellite Party cover knows it’s bizarre, it’s purposefully wacky. This guy Blake looks so earnest!, you can see he’s genuinely searching for some profound meanings in the stars (or he’s just sniffed a surprisingly nasty fart). Blake wins for being unwittingly stupid.

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