The “Daily Mirror” Gifts Us With The Greatest Blind Item Ever

Dec 20th, 2007 // 14 Comments

smokinnnn.jpgAh, the holidays. When the egg nog is flowing, anticipation is high, and the blind items are vague, yet laugh-out-loud delightful. From the Daily Mirror:

“Which clumsy rocker dropped a ciggie on his manhood while belting out a Beatles’ song on the loo? He was left in agony and close to tears…”

“Clumsy,” indeed! My first thought was one of Oasis’ Gallagher brothers because, well, duh, but I surveyed my buddy list for a few other opinions. They’re after the jump.

Jess’ first thought: T-Pain. (He’s a little obsessed today.) Other answers include:

“Perhaps a Gallagher brother?”
“A Gallagher?”
“hahaha … please let it be Liam Gallagher”
“Does Gallagher II count as a ‘rock star’? Because I can definitely see him being that clumsy. Have you ever seen the way he bobbles that mallet?”

OK, you get the picture. But feel free to leave your guesses below!

Daily Mirror Blind Item [Crazy Days And Nights]

  1. Nicolars

    It’s got to be a Gallagher, since the peen trauma was Beatles related.

  2. Ned Raggett

    Peen Trauma: 2008′s hot new band.

  3. SuperUnison

    I’m gonna say Jarvis from Pulp, but that’s just cause there’s no real penalty for guessing wrong.

  4. janine

    I’m going to say Fergie, partially because of the use of the word “clumsy,” mostly because I believe she has a peen.

  5. Camp Tiger Claw

    Ray Stevens!

  6. Jfrankparnell

    @janine: ditto Winehouse

  7. ascot-revival

    This is the British press…must be Doherty.

  8. Dickdogfood

    Nobody’s gonna say Lenny Kravitz?

  9. Nunya B


  10. Dick Laurent is dead.

    @SuperUnison: Would have to be a Roxy Music tune then.

  11. Bob Loblaw

    This screams Johnny Borrell.

  12. okiedoke

    It was Paul hisself waiting for some babe to climb in through the bathroom window. And it was a doob. And no, it wasn’t in Japan.

  13. Go Like Hell Machine

    Gotta go with Doherty, too.

  14. Anonymous

    Greg Dulli fer sure.

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