And Now By Request: Sunny Day Real Estate

Dec 20th, 2007 // 11 Comments

So do I get crucified if I say that I never really thought SDRE were (to go by the standard history) the emo alpha to Rites Of Spring’s omega? Wait, should that be reversed? Actually, wait, I’m not sure if that even makes any sense regardless of the order, but then I’ve been dipping into the egg nog since around 3:30. Anyway!

Yeah, I get the platonic quiet-loud importance to the establishment of a worldwide movement blah de blah, but their records always left me a little “eh” compared to some of their cotemporaries. (Maybe I was burned by the fan drunk on the SDRE kool-aid who forced Jeremy Enigk’s solo album on me every day for months at my college part-time job?) You’re all gonna really mutiny if I start talking smack about Hum’s inflated rep, aren’t you? Still, we got no less than three requests for an SDRE entry in our rundown, and you have to give the emos what they want. Plus your email arm-twisting did lead me to realize that “Seven” is in fact pretty boss. So thanks, y’all.

Sunny Day Real Estate – “Seven” [YouTube]


  1. futurehorse

    1. Hum is overrated.
    2. What contemporaries did you prefer over SDRE? Just curious….
    3. Please, in this 12 stretch, get to some Mineral. The Power of Failing took Diary’s blueprint and ran with it in the best way possible. Or, jeez, if you even want to get really obscure, how about that “Rubber Legs” song off the Don’t Forget to Breath comp.
    4. I’m scaring myself a bit with all this emo business. There’s no better way to burst the hipster bubble then remembering the time when you thought “December’s tragic drive” was a great lyric, and, conversely, an OK emo band (pre-Appleseed Cast, if anyone is wondering).

  2. goldstar4robotboy

    “You’re all gonna really mutiny if I start talking smack about Hum’s inflated rep, aren’t you? ” – Nope, I usually just feel bad for someone when they don’t “get” a great band.

    And SDRE was just OK, they didn’t break the mold or anything. They’re one of those ‘pull the CDs out once a year’ bands.

  3. themeparkexperience

    Ah, the “Seven” video: where the band hoped it would be like Ralph Bakshi’s work, but came out looking more like “Take On Me.”

  4. SuperUnison

    I liked “Diary” but not enough to dig deeper in the catalog. When people say they are seminal, however, I can definiteley see the impact. Also, and this shows how spoiled the internet hype cycle has made me, Christie Front Drive, Cap’n Jazz, and Texas is the Reason are my requirements for not partaking in an emo mutiny. (Which, to drink from the turn of the decade well, basically means Livejournal entries with proper capitalization and wearing polarfleece instead of the black hoodie.) For the obvious reason, Drive Like Jehu would also make me really pumped, but I could see them not being considered emo enough.

  5. Lucas Jensen

    I just don’t know how Rites of Sping, a band NOBODY heard when they were together, became (or became to be considered) so influential when, even back in the day, nobody I talked to (and this includes pretty prominent emo musicians) had ever heard any of their albums. Even Guy P. seems mystified at this in interviews I’ve read.

  6. Anonymous

    To me, Diary’s always sounded like Siamese Dream minus riffs, tunes and megalomania.

  7. Go Like Hell Machine

    I actually am not a big fan of Diary at all, but The Rising Tide is a pretty damn solid record.

  8. infinit Loop

    i think rites was one of those bands that influenced all the bands that people listened to, but not that many people really listened to them (at least not that many that went along the more poppy “emo” track. i still knew kids that were obsessed with julia and still life and the like that swore that rites and indian summer was the end-all and be-all of “emo”).

    sdre was probably in my top 3 for favorite bands of the era, but i’d have to agree about christie front drive, cap’n jazz, and texas is the reason (along with mineral, who were better than the sdre clones you would have thought they were). cfd probably had the biggest lasting impact on me, but i still regard sunny day as the head cheerleader.

  9. klondikedog

    Rites of Spring only played 11 shows (I think). Those shows became legendary long after the band had broken up. More important I think is late period Government Issue- especially You. Awesome records.

  10. Mordy

    Braid, plz. (That makes two requests!)

  11. Tenno

    I got dragged to a Sunny Day Real Estate concert once because I took a girl to Snake River Conspiracy and she said I owed her…. frankly I think I got jilted.

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