Today’s “Jesus (And/Or C.C. DeVille) Wept” Photo Of The Day

Dec 20th, 2007 // 13 Comments


I can’t decide if this is heightening my egg nog-fueled good mood or hindering it. Hinder. Geddit? Goddamn you, VH1.

HT: Nicolars

  1. Maura Johnston

    Well, at least there’s one rock star out there who’s still practicing the art of the well-placed sock.

  2. Jay

    Wait. Where’s the bandanna?

    Maybe that’s what’s in his pants.

  3. Jeff Reguilon

    Is that Fergie?

  4. Anonymous

    It’s 2007. Who needs socks anymore when you have Photoshop?

  5. Nicolars

    @Jeff Reguilon: So that’s who he reminds me of in that picture. They usually say that men who have a lot of work done on their face end up looking like old lesbians, but Bret looks like an old stripper. Or Fergie.

  6. The HZA. [member of the zombie nation]

    His weave is about as good as Britney’s.

  7. gotshoo

    Put some boobs on Brett and he’d look like a hot blonde.

  8. Herman Menderchuk

    Unskinny Fop.

  9. AquaLung

    It’s like getting visited by the Ghost of Christmas Suck.

  10. Ned Raggett

    @gotshoo: You’re a sick person.

  11. FionaScrapple

    Vince Neil looks great!

  12. Cam/ron

    I assume that those ladies were mere infants when the Rock Star was popular.

  13. J DTZR

    Nice wig, Bert (not a typo)

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