The RIAA Would Like To Remind You That You Can Still Buy Staind Records (Even If You May Not Want To)

Dec 24th, 2007 // 4 Comments

RIAA_VNR.jpgIf you’re stuck with nothing to do but watch local news during this Christmas-to-New-Year’s purgatory–and if that’s the case, I am so sorry–you may see an item on the crackdown on bootleg CDs. Alas, your local “Shame On You” squad isn’t getting into the thorny illegal-CD market; the piece is actually a video news release produced and paid for by the Recording Industry Association Of America, who apparently had just enough money left over from their lawsuit fund to make a low-quality bit of propaganda. It’s pretty boilerplate–and full of bad graphic design, which is kinda funny given that one of the ways you’re supposed to look out for bad CDs is low-quality cover art–but two things stuck out to me: a) the piece’s main talking head looks like he’s about to be eaten by Frank Sinatra; and b) when the voiceover says that there are many ways to legally buy albums for your loved ones this holiday season, they cut to a store’s stock of CDs by Staind. Because nothing says “happy holidays” like a forced trip back to the nu-metal bowels of the late ’90s.

RIAA Fake News! [LiveLeak via Ars Technica]


  1. Captain Wrong

    Speaking of the ’90s, who still buys skeezy looking counterfeit CDs these days? Doesn’t everyone just illegally download?

  2. PrinceHal

    Compilations that could only exist in the dreams of a music fan? Watch out for those Wes Anderson soundtracks, kids, they’re a big fraud.

  3. KinetiQ

    This was posted on boingboing a few days ago; the consensus there seems to be that they think it’s a fake. I gotta agree, especially if no one’s actually seen this used on any news programs. I was going to send y’all a link but I figured someone else already had.

    Anyway. As far as anti-piracy ads go, you can’t beat The IT Crowd: []

  4. drjayphd

    @KinetiQ: Its irrepressible shittiness might also be the reason it hasn’t been used on any news programs…

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