T.I. Wishes You A (Rambling) Happy Holidays

Dec 26th, 2007 // 1 Comment

Maura and I were just having a “deep” (read: “melodramatic”) conversation about how this time of year has a way of reinforcing feelings of isolation, but no matter how you’re spending your holidays or who you’re spending them with, at least you can leave the house. I got to go bowling on Christmas Eve. T.I., still under house arrest on that weapons charge, probably didn’t get to go bowling on Christmas Eve. (Unless he’s got an alley in his house. Which he more than likely does.) Though I did make a little sad face when he apologized for not being able to make it to Pimp C’s funeral and though this 3:16 video Christmas card gets a little ramble-y places–take it from people who spend most of their time alone and at home: you get batty with the quickness–it’s nice to know the King’s spirits are still high and that he’s keeping busy. As blogger Sandra Rose notes, “he personally decorated not one, but 3 big Christmas trees in his spacious Jonesboro home this Holiday season…T.I. says he assembled all the toys and bikes for his kids with his own hands.” See, if he had trimmed, like, seven trees, that’d be a little too Shining-meets-Santa for comfort.

T.I. Merry Christmas [YouTube via Sandra Rose]

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