Scott Stapp Would Like To Show You His Wicked George W. Bush Impersonation (And His Mad Breakdancing Skills)

Dec 26th, 2007 // 9 Comments

It’s a day late, but how could I not post this video of Scott Stapp vibing out with the Christmas spirit for the benefit of his fanbase–and our viewership? Especially since it shows him busting a few moves and showing off a piano that he can still apparently afford to house? Those of you who work at radio stations of America that are still playing “Higher” now and again, I ask you to watch this video and ask yourselves if you should maybe be making some playlist-related resolutions for 2008. For real.

Scott Stapp,CREED, ” New Crazy Video” [YouTube]

  1. Bohoinparadise

    God, that’s really sad. If I saw that before Christmas, it probably would have ruined this holiday season.

  2. AquaLung

    Man, when they say a person can do no right, they’re talking about Scott Stapp.

  3. Al Shipley

    That’s not Scott Stapp, that’s his alter ego, Rick.

  4. FionaScrapple

    God help us all.

  5. Jasonbob7

    “Happy Kwanzaa”? Yeah, like black people listen to Scott Stapp’s music.

  6. Anonymous

    So was he extra-drunk for the holiday or just regular drunk?

  7. Anonymous

    Interestingly immature responses. The Scott Stapp Band was celebrating the completion of their new Cd and just goofing off. Court documents released last week show that Stapp has been clean and sober since May. Scott stated in the vid that he was just trying to make everyone smile–most of his fans thought the vid. was hysterical. And I know a lot of blacks that dig Stapp. Also, the man has his own real estate investment company–he’s invested his money wisely–and blown it all away like a lot of idiots do.
    The guy is smart, funny and honest. I never see anyone trying to interview him about the hundreds of thousands of dollars that his Charity Foundation gives to different children’s charities or food banks. But then, I guess that would be too intellectual for this crowd.

  8. Anonymous


    The faithful fans loved it–we thought it was funny.
    What’s wrong with a band celebrating the completion of a new cd with a little goofing off and silliness.

  9. Anonymous

    Yeah, well…the Stapp bashing has got to stop. He’s a really nice guy.

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