Paul Lynde And The Effects Of Dayquil On A Blogger’s Mind

Dec 27th, 2007 // 10 Comments

Guys, I have the flu. It’s awful! Maura and I are fighting and she’s all “you should go rest” and I’m all “no, I must blog for the six poor Idolator readers actually stuck behind their desks this week.” There is absolutely nothing going on and this is the only piece of music that’s making me feel any better! (Well, this and the last Stars Of The Lid album. Tip!) Told you I was going to make good use of that tag. Anyway, I may be back later to post some Al Green videos. Or I may pass out at my desk. Wait and see!

The Paul Lynde Show Intro [YouTube]

  1. Jess Harvell

    sidebar: should i post every clip i can find from the ’76 paul lynde halloween special, y/n?

  2. Dickdogfood


    That Stars of the Lid album–isn’t it rich? Isn’t it queer?

  3. blueeyeddevil

    For those of us at work, thanks for the post.

  4. SuperUnison

    @blueeyeddevil: Seconded, we among the working dead salute you!

  5. Anonymous

    @blueeyeddevil: @SuperUnison: I’m co-signing with my fellow desk slaves — bless your heart, sir!

  6. Chris N.

    Taking DayQuil is like drinking non-alcoholic beer. NyQuil is the only Quil for me.

  7. Matt Cibula

    Brave brave Jess. I am fighting off my incipient holiday-meltdown cold (caused by drinking incredible amounts) with coffee and P.Funk. Be strong, young one.

  8. sistasoulja

    i might not be stuck behind my desk for the rest of the week since i was just caught w/ that nas cover on my screen.

    for now, i am here w/ you.

    hot toddy. nap. repeat.

  9. J DTZR

    That clip brought back memories. Not memories of “The Paul Lynde Show,” which I never knew existed, but of the pre-cable, pre-internet days of yore when a TV show’s theme song could last for a full minute.

  10. Captain Wrong

    Yay Paul Lynde. Had a chance to get all the episodes of this show in a trade, but passed as I heard it isn’t that good.

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