“Ozzy Osbourne” Loose In Great White North On Chrismas Eve Crime Spree

Dec 27th, 2007 // 3 Comments

ozzynotozzy.jpgHoly crap, Ozzy is knocking over Vancouver convenience stores on the day before the day Baby Jesus wriggled free from Mary’s womb!

The man, who called himself Ozzy Osborne, pulled out a gun and threatened to shoot a convenience store clerk on Christmas Eve, according to police.

The clerk also said the man had been harassing customers at the store over the course of several hours.

According to the clerk, the man has caused problems at other nearby businesses.

“Not the real Ozzy” my ass. Squint hard at that photo. Think back to all that half-deranged Osbournes behavior. Connect the dots, people.

Man Calling Self Ozzy Pulls Out Gun In Store [Fox 12 News]

  1. MickFNS

    No “Perry Mason” jokes?

  2. loudersoft

    How about an “A QUINN MARTIN PRODUCTION” joke instead?

  3. walkmasterflex

    seriously guys, you need to go to the eye doctor! squinting is not good!

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