An Idolator Reader Survey: What Bookmarks Are We Missing?

Dec 27th, 2007 // 27 Comments

bookmarks.jpgCan you believe it’s Dec. 27 already? Jess and I are down to the last five songs in our countdown, the egg nog barrels are running dry, and the New York weather is getting just crappy enough to make one think that Jan. 1 will in fact bring some sort of sunshiny shock of the new to one’s system (or maybe that’s just me because I tend to put a lot of emphasis on seemingly arbitrary milestones). Anyway, with a new year comes New Year’s resolutions, and I’m trying to get some work-related ones in there, just because I’d like to have one or two that actually get done by the time Dec. 31. And you can help with this one! Because my RSS reader (you know, the thing I scan the blogs and wires with) is in serious need of pruning/reworking/a kick in the rear, and I wonder if it’s because even though I bitch a lot about music blogs, maybe I’m just not reading the right ones. (See? Optimism!) So I’m going to throw it open to the few of you who are actually out there on this weird holiday-limbo Thursday: What music blogs (or sites, even) do you actually like, and should Jess and I drop them into our RSS readers? Note: The first person who says “” gets banned.

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  1. mike a

    mine? even though i only post mp3s an average of once every couple of months.


  2. SuperUnison

    Zen and the Art of Face Punching and Pretty Goes With pretty are both good. Not really part of the hype cycle, but good.

  3. Maura Johnston

    @SuperUnison: the less involved they are with the hype cycle the better (and i love pgwp). do you have a url for the other one?

  4. noamjamski

    The Steve Albini facts are pretty genius, if not frequently updated: []

  5. Anonymous


    Music-lovers’ blog, disussion and general hanging-out sight.

  6. Jess Harvell

    it should be noted that my “rss” is actually a farmer’s almanac

  7. Maura Johnston

    @jessdolator: i thought you used a sundial.

  8. scott pgwp

    Aw, shucks. I’m blushing over here.

  9. Jess Harvell

    @maura: hard rain’s gonna fall on these bloggers.

  10. scott pgwp

    By the way, I’m sad to see Idolator didn’t live blog the Brian Wilson segment of the Kennedy Centers Honors last night… Honored by Art Garfunkel! Lyle Lovett sings God Only Knows! Hootie and the Motherfucking Blowfish do a Beach Boys medley! A boys choir sings… something I’ve never heard before apparently written by Brian Wilson! And all the time Wilson has his perma-frown on and wack-o Diana Ross is mugging it up next to him. And the original Wonder Woman is in the audience having a good old time. And Martin Short is lip synching all the falsetto harmonies. It goes on. Maybe you can find it on youtube – I need my Idolator commentary.

  11. Jess Harvell

    okay, you’re making that up.

  12. Maura Johnston

    this is all great! (also i am commenting because comment-syncing seems to be off)

  13. DudeAsInCool

    What Would Jesus Post is always good for a laugh…when he does post. Motel de Moka has been hot lately. I’m sure you have the other usual suspects.

  14. G3K

    I’d promote my own blog but it’s pretty poorly maintained.

    I quite enjoyed Hyperbole but I think his server got suspended. Idiot Toys (the anti-BoingBoing) and Ill Doctrine (if ze frank were a hip-hop blogger) are good too

  15. ragandboneshop

    I only have 2 music-related blogs on my RSS Google home page thingy: Idolator and One Poor Correspondent ([]). OPC posts no mp3s and is often kinda old-man territory: lots of Beatles, Sinatra, Chipmunks, 60s- and 70s-related news, all related with a very dry wit. The focus seems to be on grammar and brevity, two virtues I hold in the highest regard. You need to read it for a few days to kind of get the pace.

  16. Chris N.

    Y’all need more country music:

  17. parallelliott

    my blog is pretty much the best thing going on right now in the whole world. tomorrow i’ll be providing a straussian interpretation of I Am Legend:


  18. Tenno

    I actually like []

    hmm… how i make linkz? well, I can’t be bothered.

    and The Lost Turntable can be pretty great when he goes off on one of his rants.


    and, why not, here’s my blog, but I only rarely write about music, mostly videogame themes and some cussing. Oh fine. Lots of cussing. But it’s rubbish.


    but the name is bitching ain’t it?

  19. Tenno

    I guess I should explain them right? Missingtoof is a slightly tongue in cheek indy kid music blof that usually sports a pretty damn nice amount of bootlegs, freebies and all that cutting edge rot. Great place to see where people are heading in that scene I guess. They also tend to drop a lot of older obscure stuff that they just like.

    Lost Turntable… that guy just seems to post some of the weirdest 12″ mixes, he just puts up a serious global mind-fuck of tracks I have never heard of, odd remixes and then goes on occasional theme posts. All I know is, it’s fun to see him posting not only Madonna remixes, but then going on some Ghetto Boy’s tangent.

  20. brandonsoderberg

    my blog was good like three months ago, now it sort of sucks.

  21. manyjars

    I nominate Anandamide, esp. now that “Homoerotic Fridays” are a regular feature:


    Missingtoof’s layout gave me a headache.

  22. bcapirigi

    i get my daily fix of old usher hits at mixtape maestro’s 90′s r&b junkie, or whatever it’s called….

    mixtapes for hookers

  23. bcapirigi

    oops! i forgot how to use html! there’s egg on my face now! let’s try that again!

    mixtape maestro’s 90′s r&b junkie, or whatever it’s called

    THEN i was going to also humbly nominate my own blog, mixtapes for hookers, where i’m currently running down my favorite hit songs of the 90′s, vh-1 style, because i have no ideas of my own. plus i think i’m drunk. this weekend’s looking awesome!

    my blog

  24. AL

    I feel gross suggesting my own blog, but I will do it anyway: []

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