This Whole B2K Thing Is Getting Weirder And Weirder


Earlier this afternoon, our post about Raz B’s half-hearted denial of his earlier allegations that his former manager, Chris Stokes, forced him and his bandmates in B2K (shown here in, uh, “happier” times) into orgies and other sex games–and the possibility that said denial could in fact serve as the denoument to this sordid affair–garnered this comment from a reader:

This story is sooo not over. Now Raz B’s brother is saying that the LA Crips gang forced his brother to say those things at gunpoint and Raz B has been missing for 2 days. The whole thing is wild, just wild.

I thought that the commenter was joking, but both stories actually came straight from Raz B’s brother, a.k.a. Ricky Romance, via the gossip site Bossip, which is apparently doing further legwork on that side of the story. Meanwhile, people claiming to be Raz B and his management have taken to their MySpace bulletins, as a reader of Oh No They Didn’t found out:


A dead cell phone! Raz B is clearly not having the best week with communication-related technology. Meanwhile, the blog namechecked in the bulletin also has reprinted a “no, I’m OK” statement from Raz B, although anyone who’s ever gotten a phishing comment probably knows all too well how easy it is to fake those sorts of things on MySpace. And posting a picture dated Oct. 10, 2006, with a “no, really, I’m OK” message doesn’t exactly inspire confidence, now, does it?

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