“Gangsta” Hannah Montana CD Scars Grade Schoolers Once Again

Dec 28th, 2007 // 1 Comment

77053746.jpgAs one commenter noted in our story/poll yesterday about the California family whose Disney Channel Hits CD actually contained “real explicit” gangsta rap, the offending hip-hop turned out to be from the Diplotmats’ Diplomatic Immunity. And now the ‘Mats have struck again, this time in Florida, where a granny gifted her grandkids another Disney Channel Hits only for their father to find they were instead being exposed to un-edited Juelz Santana. Not all of the Disney CDs seem to be afflicted, and still no word from Toys R Us (the exclusive distributor of the disc) or Disney on what kind of “pressing plant error” is responsible for this unintentional Cam’ron stealth marketing. Also, can we just point out that Nah Right wins the Internet for today thanks to the dual coinages “Juelz Montana” and “Disneymats”?

Father Upset After Hearing Daughter’s Explicit “Disney” CD [WFTV via Nah Righ]


  1. Anonymous

    I can only hope this Disney and Juelz mindmeld leads to a second volume of the DuffSet mixtape. Hilary Duff stand up!!

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