Idolator’s 2007 Top 40 List Of Awesomeness: The Story So Far

Dec 28th, 2007 // 30 Comments

excellennnt.jpgThree weeks and change ago, Jess and I started counting down our own year-end list, the songs from the past year that we listened to more than any others, a list put together through the not-very-scientific process of “smooshing together” of my top songs and Jess’ top songs. To get ready for Monday’s unveiling of our top two–and help you find those entries that you may have skipped over when you actually had days off work, unlike some people (ahem)–here’s the list so far:

40. Ne-Yo, “Addicted”
39. Melt Banana, “Blank Page Of The Blind”
38. Spoon, “The Underdog”
37. Lloyd, “Get It Shawty”
36. Sugababes, “About You Now”
35. Big Business, “Just As The Day Was Dawning”
34. Kylie Minogue, “2 Hearts”
33. Eve, “Tambourine”
32. Tiffany Evans, “Girl Gone Wild”
31. Kanye West, “Flashing Lights”
30. YACHT, “See A Penny (Pick It Up)”
29. Marnie Stern, “Every Single Line Means Something”
28. Bat For Lashes, “What’s A Girl To Do?”
27. Charlotte Hatherley, “Very Young”
26. Tegan and Sara, “Back In Your Head”
25. T.I., “You Know What It Is”
24. Carrie Underwood, “Before He Cheats”
23. LCD Soundsystem, “Us V. Them”
22. Amerie, “Gotta Work”
21. Swizz Beatz, “It’s Me Bitches”
20. Rihanna, “Umbrella”
19. Battles, “Atlas”
18. Tracey Thorn, “Raise The Roof”
17. Lil Wayne, “I Feel Like Dying”
16. Nelly Furtado, “Say It Right”
15. T-Pain, “Calm The Fuck Down”
14. M.I.A., “Paper Planes”
13. Bobby Valentino, “Anonymous”
12. Wye Oak, “Warning”
11. Rihanna and Ne-Yo, “Hate That I Love You”
10. Lloyd, “You”
09. Lil Mama, “Lip Gloss”
08. Sissy Wish, “Float”
07. Rich Boy feat. Polow Da Don, “Throw Some D’s”
06. Siobhan Donaghy, “Don’t Give It Up”
05. UGK featuring OutKast, “International Players’ Anthem”
04. Fall Out Boy, “”The Take Over, The Break’s Over”"
03. R. Kelly featuring T.I. and T-Pain – “I’m A Flirt (Remix)”

No. 2 and No. 1 are coming Monday, but feel free to speculate about what might take those top slots in comments!

  1. Anonymous

    @DHMBIB: Like you, I’m still a little bummed that Cold War Kids won’t be on this list. Sigh.

  2. westartedthis

    probably two more lloyd songs.

  3. Chris Boeckmann

    Idolator, if Cassie’s “Is It You?” fills a slot, you’ll be my hero. Oh, and Britney will take number two.

  4. dollywould

    Hm, a Miranda Lambert track (I’d go with “Gunpowder and Lead”) or maybe “Shooter?”

  5. SuperUnison

    @aluberalles: Dan Deacon is an excellent Dark Horse pick.

    I could see Justice showing up almost as easily as LCD. My final guess is #2. “D.A.N.C.E” by Justice and
    #1. “All My Friends” by LCD Soundsystem.

  6. Weezy F Baby

    @SuperUnison: if any of this comes true my heart will be broken.

  7. Rob Murphy

    @slowburn: HT! And also bummed. So let’s add it here:


    @heidiho: @SuperUnison: I think you two nailed it. I agree with…

    2. Miranda — probably “Gunpowder & Lead”, but “Famous In A Small Town” is a good darkhorse pick.

    1. LCD — “All My Friends”.

    Two acts that have gotten lots of luv from our Idolators.

    Two other interesting omissions: Amy [yes] and White Stripes.

  8. bcapirigi

    it’s unlikely, but i’m pushing for heaven on earth. c’mon people, it’s britney spears sounding like kraftwerk AND the archies!! at the same time!!

  9. mhulot

    This is exciting! Which two Daughtry songs do you think they’ll pick?

  10. Anonymous

    Whether or not anyone liked Stronger, it has to be one of the highest ranked songs we all listened to most this year, if only by virtue of its radio/party ubiquity.

  11. SuperUnison

    I’m betting that either “Someone Great” or “All My Friends” by LCD will be there. Otherwise, I’m not nearly chart-friendly enough (in light of previous picks) to have any decent idea.

  12. AL

    Guesses: Dan Deacon, Celebration, 50 Cent, Robyn, Times New Viking.

    Hopefully at least one is right!

  13. Anonymous

    That would be great if All My Friends was #1. Deserves it.
    But I doubt it since this list is horrifying.

  14. Anonymous

    roc boys is definitely good, but not top 10 material.

    I *really* liked “whatever u like” by nicole scherzinger and “gimme more” by britney spears, but they don’t have a chance.

    Cassie’s “is it you?” is really good. So is 50′s “I get money” remix ft. diddy and jay-z.

    Every song named by anyone in the comments section so far is better than #6, 10, 11, 13, 15, 25, and 40 on the idolator list.

    Am I the only one who thinks “lip gloss” is the most overrated song of 2007? The only useful thing about it is the beat, but the beat is just an inferior “grindin” and sounds much better with drug raps over it than a chant about LipSmackers(c) (which were cool in 1994!).

  15. Anonymous

    ^ can I edit comments?

    Cuz I wanted to add that I had never heard “float” before and love it. great pick. and the fallout boy track was a gutsy pick – I love the guitar/beat on it even though it wouldn’t make my top 40.

  16. matthew

    I’m hoping Celebration makes it…if I’m the only person who puts The Modern Tribe on my year-end list, I’ll be sad.

  17. Weezy F Baby

    @westartedthis: i was hoping “player’s prayer” would make the list!

  18. mhulot

    I realize that this isn’t necessarily a widely-held opinion, but my favorite songs of the year were Against Me’s White People for Peace and Manu Chao’s Rainin’ in Paradize.

  19. Jess Harvell

    man i can’t decide if you guys are gonna mutiny or what come monday

  20. Jess Harvell

    also, if the “smooshing” explanation wasn’t clear enough: this isn’t a much-agonized-over, late-night-debated, get-the-order-just-right kinda list published as the official “best” songs of the year by the entity known as idolator. it’s quite literally our (very) personal fave 20 songs, one right after the other. fer instance No. 40 is maura’s No. 20, No. 39 is my No. 20 and so on. nothin’ deeper than that. there’s some overlap in terms of taste, but there’s plenty on both lists that the other hadn’t even heard until we put this together. she turned me onto some stuff and vice versa which was hopefully the broader point. it also might go some way to explaning (for those who need it explained) the schizo nature and the “minor” placings. (alternately, argue away.) and ANYWAY the real answers are:

    No. 2: Jojo
    No. 1: Derek Bailey

  21. AL


  22. Anonymous

    I doubt LCD Soundsystem is showing up again; I don’t see Maura rating it above all her other picks and I don’t see Jess doubling up on an artist. I would exclude Kanye on the same grounds.

    @jessdolator: How’d you decide that you would get #1? Also were there any duplicates that you had to decide which of you would write up, or did it work out that there was no overlap?

  23. OokieDookie

    If I don’t see “No Pussy Blues” in the top 2, I may have to try a different tac and drink a liter of cognac.

  24. Chris Boeckmann

    OH DAMN OH DAMN. I’m going back to Pitchfork.

  25. Coming Into The Game, ♪♪ ♪♪♪ #J23 - The Superstar Receiver, ofyourupperdeck TORONTOOOoo BJSss ®

    #2 Jay-Z – ROC Boys
    #1 Kanye West – Stronger

    @DHMBIB: I would put Nicole in the Top 20 so you better not be mocking her at number 1. Timbaland, Keri Hilson & Nicole Scherzinger Scream will tear up January.
    @Chris Boeckmann: Cassie, definitely Yes. Britney, what the fuck no.

    BUT seeing as this list has Rihanna’s Umbrella at #20 and her Hate love song at #11, anything goes. Maybe Daughtry and Nickelback are the 2 1?

    I mean, Stronger is only the biggest hit off the year’s Number 1 album, and ROC Boys is only Number 1 in Rolling Stones. Or maybe I’m drunk. Or I’m in the wrong Gawker Interblogs.

  26. MTS

    Let me guess — it’s Ted Nugent. AMIRITE?

  27. djp

    #2: Nickelback – “Rock Star”
    #1: Bjork – “Declare Independence”

  28. seannj30

    I was going to make a comment saying that you people have bad taste in music. But then, I thought, in retrospective, 2007 was a horrible year in music. I have not found a single song with any coherent lyrics at all. Songs today have no meaning, no soul, just a “catchy beat”. Most of the songs this year were just dance and rap bullshit. In conclusion, Radiohead FTW.

  29. futurehorse

    PJ Harvey? Dizzee Rascal? The suspense is killing me!!

  30. Chris Boeckmann

    @seannj30: Thanks, Aunt Nancy!

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