The Jonas Brothers Backlash Claims Its First Social-Networking Profile

Dec 28th, 2007 // 5 Comments

Holy crap! Did you know that the “Al Qaeda is just as bad as the Jonas Brothers” rant by the YouTube firebrand ADiehardFOBFan got her kicked off MySpace? And she is freaking pissed off. Apparently the culprits, meganANDariel, will have their own YouTube response video coming soon! This whole thing is like fameballism times crazy times never letting any kids that I have near a computer until they turn 21.

Re: Re: Re: The Jonas Brothers suck [YouTube]

  1. Tenno

    Fucking emos!

  2. Kate Richardson

    I think I’d get a kick out of this girl if she weren’t so sour. A parental figure needs to take the computer away for a while, I think. Maybe give her the Portable Dorothy Parker and tell her to cool her jets for a few years. Sheesh, in my day if you were pissed off you just put on Bright Eyes’ “Letting Off the Happiness” and didn’t give a DAMN if you were late to first period because you wanted to finish listening to the album.

  3. Moimeme

    The whole problem with flame wars is that it ends up simply pitting one group of dorks against another. What they need to do is band together and take on the real evil….the kids they go to school with who have actual lives.

  4. cvanp11

    Woo, found a mirror of the original video. [] You guys ought to post a mirror too, just for posterity’s sake.

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