Frank Black (And My Co-Workers) Want To Go To Los Angeles

Dec 31st, 2007 // 4 Comments

Maura is in L.A. for New Year’s Eve and I do not approve! Mostly because she’s M.I.A. this morning–probably sleeping on company hours because it’s, like, what 2 a.m. out there right now?–and I’ve already popped the $3.50 “sparkling wine,” meaning in about 20 minutes I shouldn’t be left in charge of the small appliance of your choice. (C’mon, it’s a half-day.) Maybe she’s not asleep…maybe she left us for Hollywood? Or maybe she got off the bus ala Axl and now has teased bottle blonde hair and an embittered attitude towards American society? Either way, I’m worried. UPDATE: She’s alive. Also, I guess “an embittered attitude towards American society” wouldn’t be a wholly new development.

Frank Black – “Los Angeles” [YouTube]

  1. Maura Johnston

    i am here! also, i feel like this is an appropriate place to note that the last two songs i heard before i boarded my plane were the eagles’ “take it easy” and daniel powter’s “bad day.” why would you play “bad day” in an airport?? WHY??

  2. Adairdevil

    This is my new answer to everything.

  3. Kate Richardson

    Jess, I just want you to know that I had every intention of contributing a post today involving this little gem: []

    But things got a little off track and now I have to leave on a road trip, the schedule of which I am not in charge of. But I’m glad Maura showed up, L.A. attitude and all.

  4. Ned Raggett

    @maura: why would you play “bad day” in an airport?? WHY??

    Scarily enough I heard that fuxoring song yesterday while shopping for a doormat. What this means I don’t know.

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