The 12 Days Of 90s Emo (Jaw)breaks Down At The End

Dec 31st, 2007 // 5 Comments

Since it’s the last day of the 12 Days Of 90s Emo, which is probably the 15 Days Of 90s Emo Counting Weekends at this point, and the already loose definition of the genre has been all smooshed and stretched outta shape, I’m not going to argue with any protective fans who want to say Jawbreaker were just a punk band and that Blake Schwarzenbach doesn’t need to be stained with the runny eyeliner of those 21st-century digital mallrats who unknowingly jacked his Gilman Street beats without ever owning a copy of 24-Hour Revenge Therapy. But it’s my rundown and I’ll draw up the lines of demarcation where I feel like. Also I’m totes trying to get out of here to finish this champagne. Where was I? Oh yeah, Jawbreaker. Emo? Maybe. Awesome? Indubitably.

Jawbreaker – “Fireman” [YouTube]


  1. Anonymous

    Indubitably. This made my day.

  2. Jerkwheat

    Bless your hearts – this is glorious indeed.

  3. SuperUnison

    Shoulda posted “Kiss The Bottle,” since its everyone’s plan for tonight (Cisco fortified wine over here!) Anyhow, “Kiss The Bottle” for everyone else planning to drink during their bus/train ride home:

    Also, Jawbreaker is pretty perfect, thanks for kicking them back onto my radar. (Dave Berman and Craig Finn have been my lyrically gifted drunks of choice for the past month or so.)

  4. themeparkexperience

    Great video and song. It still amazes me a song so loud and abrasive was chosen as the lead-off single. See also Jawbox’s “Savory” and Shudder to Think’s “Hit Liqour.”

  5. Prefixmag

    weird. i was just having a Jawbreaker marathon. favorite Jawbreaker album? 24 Hour for me.

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