• Anonymous

    I just want to add here that although Nick Cave is 20 different kinds of cool and I usually find frightening men attractive (I may be the only girl on this site to admit that I’d do Thom Yorke, for instance), the thought of sleeping with Nick Cave is waaaay too scary. Most girls wouldn’t get out of that bed alive, methinks.

  • Maura Johnston

    @slowburn: This sounds like: A challenge!

  • Anonymous

    @maura: Go get him, girl. ;-)

  • amyk

    Jess – you and DeRo have the same taste this year…thanks for such a fun list – i’ve been looking forward to this announcement all day.

  • Anonymous

    I’ve been listening to VVLL since you posted them originally. Their myspace page has several more new songs.

  • SonOfSlam

    Wow, I was hoping against hope that Grinderman was going to make it on the list at all. Nice!

  • OokieDookie

    Sweet, I go get no pussy tonight in honor of this choice!

  • FionaScrapple

    Who says novelty music is dead?

  • Murk

    I just don’t agree. “Consensus” is & should be neither here nor there. My love for “All My Friends” has nothing to do with nostalgia, affirmation, or the fact that everyone else loves it too, & everything to do with its Bernard Sumner back-channel guitar motifs that kick in around 5:20. A few years ago everyone loved that godawful Loretta Lynn record; I hated it. This year everyone loves Miranda Lambert; so do I. Who cares if Entertainment Weekly realizes that In Rainbows is a great record? It would be a great record if I had paid fifty bucks for it instead of a shilling. I just don’t understand willfully absenting yrself from consensus if you actually agree with the consensus. Like, La Regle du Jeu actually is about the best film ever made. The Faerie Queene & the Commedia; Exile on Main St and London Calling; Watchmen & Bone. Obviously this sort of consensus is different from the sort of critical approbation that year-end lists congeal around; but the principle is the same, no?

  • Bob Loblaw

    Could you guys write more, as fans?

    It seems like the constant need for brevity has a neutering effect
    of its own here, and if you’re able to loosen the reins, up the word
    count, and still keep the quality as evident as it is above, I’d
    happily read longer posts.

  • Jess Harvell

    there will definitely be more of “this type of thing” in ’08, especially once i figure out how to squeeze five more hours out of my day/find a cheap online source for “diet pills.”

  • Jfrankparnell

    the wedding band on his finger makes “No Pussy Blues” playacting anyway

    Oh no, no no no; although it might take the shape of a courtship fantasy with a young thing in the audience, this song comes from married life, or monogamy of some sort; the opening statement is about resisting temptation while performing (I must above all things …) and then begins his fantasy of pursuing the young audience member; yet soon, in the song, the complaints are in the present tense – “She just never wants to.”

    A single guy, even on bound by an infatuation, can move on to a willing partner/audience memeber with much less consequence (and, thus, blues). What’s so funny here, and what makes Cave able to pull this off, is that his last album was full of gorgeous love songs that you would think would make any woman, back home, get naked just by listening to them. And still, ‘she just doesn’t want to’ sometimes. As is her historical prerogative.

    Bluesmen were haunted by monogamy’s battle with infidelity. That’s where this comes from. Cave is a Lightnin’ Hopkins fanatic. Always was.

  • TimGunn

    that’s so funny that you picked violet vectors, it came on my iPod during my new year’s eve party, and I was like uh-oh this is going to be too gay for all those straight people at my apartment, but it’s so great!

    also I think Franz Ferdinand did a better job with All My Friends and LCD Soundsystem’s best is Someone Great

  • jetblackturd

    I would totally sleep with Nick Cave, cos quid pro quo, once I’d conceded the sex, I reckon he’d feel obliged to answer any questions I have about his tail.