Kid N Play Member Nearly Killed By Totally Batshit Car Crash

Kid_n_play-758549.jpgLast weekend rapper and filmmaker Christopher Martin, a.k.a. Play of Kid N Play, found himself back in the music news cycle thanks to a bizarre accident involving three criminals fleeing a botched home invasion, a police gun battle, and bystander Martin really being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

[Raul Riva] Aldamo and two accomplices had reportedly broken into a nearby home and were holding the family inside at bay when police arrived. As he tried to flee the scene, Aldamo nearly ran over an officer, and was subsequently shot. He drove about half a mile down Holloway St. before slamming into Play’s SUV at the intersection of Morgan and Mangum streets. The rapper’s SUV reportedly flipped over before striking a Honda Accord. Play and his passenger, Michelle Gonzales, were ejected from the vehicle.

Aldamo’s accomplices were nabbed by police and the ringleader “died at the scene,” but both Play and Gonzales thankfully survived, and were released from a local hospital yesterday with presumably non-permanent injuries. An unexpected reminder to keep your eyes peeled on the road, everyone, because you never know when, uh, a mortally wounded felon will come careening into your car.

Christopher “Play” Martin…Injured In Car Accident [XXL]

  • extracrispy

    [Insert hi-top fade joke here.]

  • Adam Bernard

    That’s messed up. I wonder if he’ll be OK to teach again come the new semester at North Carolina Central University.

  • Luke N Atmaguchi

    Take it from me, fleeing felons just don’t understand: the rule of law, the sanctity of life, etc.

    No seriously, the punk Aldamo will spend an eternal Hous Party of abuse at the hands of Robin Harris (rest his hilarious soul), ever furious in the afterlife.

  • TheMojoPin



    You might want to recheck ye olde IMDB.

  • rad_matter

    When I saw this on my cell I was stunned. He was just in my hometown last month for a seminar at a local high school.

  • westartedthis

    @TheMojoPin: oh – i was totally wrong about kid doing quinn’s voice, but both kid AND play did appear on sealab as themselves (or, as “kid n’ play” rather). if you’re a huge enough nerd to watch the cast interviews on the sealab DVDs, then you can back me up that Quinn’s actual voice actor – Brett Butler – could pass for an older, wiser Kid (quick-witted, sans-hi-top fade). either that or all light-skinned black people look the same to me.

  • encyclopediablack

    Damn, sounds like the plot to Class Act 2.

  • westartedthis

    the “where are they now?” aspect of it reminds me that Kid (he of the hi-top fade)did the voice of Quinn on Sealab 2021. one episode even featured a guest appearance by Play as he and Kid reprised their roles, taking a good-natured shot at their formerly famous selves, now portrayed as shills for an Applebee’s-like chain restaurant.

    there – end transmission of unfunny synopsis of funny show. glad Play is relatively unharmed.

  • BestEuphemismEver

    @westartedthis: Wasn’t she the star of Grace Under Fire?

  • Dee

    This so sad , i love their movie and music ! chris cross a make you , JUMP JUMP :)

  • Devin

    Thats my cousin