BitTerrorists In “Taking Their God-Given Right To Free Music A Bit Too Seriously” Shocker

Jan 9th, 2008 // 16 Comments

otc.jpgI pose this question to myself a lot, but readers, today I open the floor to you: What the fuck is wrong with people? Here is why I am asking (right now, at least): Today the Overdub Tampering Committee–those guys who claimed to have added instrumentation to leaked albums and re-leaked the altered versions for the purpose of messing with listeners’ heads–posted anew to their blog about the reactions garnered by their announcement earlier this week. They’re remaining mum on what records they did this to and even whether or not this thing is just a big ol’ culturejamming hoax, but they did take the time to let us know that some people were really upset by their antics. Like, murderously so!

If you want to call bullshit on the project (as many, many of you have) feel free to do so. We enjoy how many of you think that causes us to be upset. You bring us joy bullshit-callers! Keep up the good yelling.

Also, as many of you have suggested to us, by providing examples of our work we’re likely placing ourselves in the open for a lawsuit from…someone. We feel that complying with the “Evidence Requests” would only put us in a spot where we’d be poised for a large amount of legal trouble. We love the project but don’t want to ruin our lives because of it.

Which brings us to the least enjoyable aspect of all this: the death threats. Our inbox has been flooded with messages from people all across the globe and while we certainly don’t mind negative messages we’ve been disturbed by the ones threatening violence or murder. Is this really necessary? (I know, the same question can be asked of us as well) What a boring, unoriginal, uninspired response. Is that really the cost of admission for jump starting a conversation with unusual methods these days?

The short answer: Yes. The not-as-short answer: Dude, you’re trying to reason with people who still think Michael Winslow is worth a LOL. It’s best to just assume that they’re not even one step above mouth-breathers.

You Will Not Die, It’s Not Poison [The Overdub Tampering Committee]

  1. iantenna

    hey now, some of us just have bad sinsues, it’s no reflection of our intelligence (or lack thereof).

  2. Recury

    Well, if they think that a 256 kbps mp3 sounds different compared to a 192 kbps one then it makes sense that making changes to the file that you can actually hear = justification for murder.

  3. Anonymous

    BY MORDY AT 01/07/08 04:17 PM
    Suddenly I understand how everyone could possibly love Panda Bear. They’re listening to some modified leak.

  4. AL

    This story is already boring.

  5. walkmasterflex

    @aluberalles: Yeah, if they’re not going to post evidence of their work, I really don’t see the point of them having a blog, or where they can take it so that it will be interesting and people will give two shits about them.

  6. Sniffle

    In order to believe they are getting death threats you’d kind of have to believe they’ve actually done all the tampering they say they’ve done, right?

    Why so quick to hate on a downloader when these guys could be completely full of shit?

  7. Murk

    Altering leaked mixes: boring; claiming to have altered them even though you didn’t: even more boring; threatening possible alterers with death: the most boring.

  8. Murk

    BTW: I really don’t get, Maura, why you think these idiots are interesting. Are you also into Jamie Kennedy?

  9. Maura Johnston

    @Sniffle: You mean you don’t think that people would e-mail death threats to other people based on specious ideas of being “wronged”? Your cable modem must have its rose-colored filter turned on.

    @Murk: I find large chunks of Internet music culture, particularly those surrounding leaks, to be humorless and not very, shall we say, cereberal. This experiment pricks at peoples’ assumptions and may even make one or two of them think about whether or not the “leaks” they are downloading are the real deal. (Have you never been burned in that way?) It doesn’t even matter if it’s true, really. I think the reactions are really interesting and they say a lot about peoples’ expectations for free recorded music. Namely, that they are a) high and b) out of whack.

    As for Jamie Kennedy: I saw Malibu’s Most Wanted in the theater and it sucked.

  10. revmatty

    I find it hard to take seriously people who steal music and then complain that the music they’re stealing has been fraudulently misrepresented as being the original unaltered music.

    That’s like the rocket scientists who get screwed on a drug deal and call the cops to complain. Morons.

  11. dlab

    @Recury: They do sound different. Your comment shows you’re just jealous of people who have good ears.

    I don’t, however, think this warrants issuing any death threats.

  12. HUGE_Hefner

    I agree with everyone, this is getting far more atention that it deserves and Jamie Kennedy is not funny.

  13. KinetiQ

    Anything that makes the world a more absurd place is fine with me.

    Grand and gory old Discordia, her apple corps is strong!

  14. ollie

    Slow news day, yet again?!

  15. Anonymous

    It’s obvious that this is fake. Ask yourselves this question:

    Have I ever, in the past four years, had the experience of hearing a record that sounded differently from the version in my collection?


    Have I ever, in the past four years, had the experience of hearing a record and thinking something like, “Wait, where’s the piano?”

    Think of how many songs you’ve heard that were “illegally downloaded” and from how many sources they came from. Have any of your friends had this experience? The anwer, I assure you, will be no.

  16. HomefrontRadio

    Ugh. Give it a couple of weeks, then once they have enough attention they’ll pull the “Well, we can’t show our work for fear of being sued, but here’s our original music” card out of their coat.

    Since I can only think of two albums in the last three years that i’ve actually admired the musicianship component of, does this mean that even if they are doing what they claim, then they’re basically as incompetent as everyone else?

    As to mp3 files, bitrate’s irrelevant when modern music is mastered to an overcompressed -3db range that makes it all sound flat and tiring to the ear anyway. I’ll stick with vinyl, thanks.

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