“Chinese Democracy”: Is It All Over But The Marketing Plan?

noah | January 10, 2008 10:30 am

There are 50 Tuesdays left in 2008, which means that there are 50 more chances for all of us to wonder if Chinese Democracy will really, finally be released at some time prior to the impending apocalypse. The latest rumor regarding this years-in-the-making album: It’s done! But Axl Rose and his label don’t quite see eye-to-eye on how the album will be marketed, which is leading to further delays. What could the disagreement have stemmed from?

The label’s ideas probably went something like this: • Billboards reading “You know you’re curious. CHINESE DEMOCRACY.” in 300-point type. • Lil Wayne remixes of every song on the album to get the “blogger crowd” interested. • Handing out postcards at Velvet Revolver shows. • Commemorative dolphin shows at Sea World.

But Axl probably balked at those (even the dolphin one!)–in favor of a genius brainstorm of his own:

Axl: “I need two million dollars for the first video.”

Record exec: “No.”

But still! 50 Tuesdays left! There’s still time, right?

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