Re-Examining The Happy Mondays: My Domestic Squabble Decided By You, The Reader

dangibs | January 10, 2008 3:30 am

Like every home, I’m certain, the Casa de Gibson has been busy compiling our own year in review package for publication in our annual Arbor Day newsletter (it’s a long lead-time publication). While we were discussing our top five events of 2007, there was some disagreement about the top spot, with my wife Tara’s contention that the birth of our daughter should be No. 1, and my contention that since said birth on Dec. 17 missed the Dec. 15 cutoff it will have to wait and see how it does in 2008. Rules are rules, I say. I placed the Happy Mondays reunion at Coachella up top, and that’s when the real ugliness began.

Either because she’s totally insane or deliberately hurtful, Tara made the statement that she didn’t see what the big deal about the Happy Mondays was.

It’s OK. Take a moment to recover. I certainly did.

What about this, wife of mine?


Somehow, this needs to be resolved. Tell my wife she’s wrong (or take her side, I suppose, and have history judge you).

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