A Broken-Hearted Morrissey Grows Up (And Forgets The Grace)

jharv | January 14, 2008 1:45 am

ARTIST: MorrisseyTITLE: “That’s How People Grow Up”RELEASE DATE: Feb. 19, 2008WEB DEBUT: Jan. 14, 2008

ONE-LISTEN VERDICT: This value-added, “please buy my greatest hits collection” bonus track doesn’t exactly feature Moz’s most nimble chorus (moo the title with some extra ululation on “love” and you’ve pretty much got it), and the big, compressed guitars and other mod rock radio choices (a friend wondered if his producers just forgot to mute the click track) make it sound like he’s angling for a future mention in one of Al’s columns. As do the plain-spoken love-gone-wrong lyrics that snip the edge off his snippiness. (Did you know that a few rounds of heartbreak makes people grow up? So true.) Maybe he really does need go celibate and snarky again. You know, for the good of his art.

Morrissey – “That’s How People Grow Up” [All New Releases]