In Flames Go Feral And Freudian In The Worst Album Cover Of The Year Race

Jan 15th, 2008 // 17 Comments


Sooooo…wolfboy with plumber’s crack tries to get to vagina-shaped doorway with teeth, only to be stopped by bottomless pit filled with demonic creatures equal parts tentacles from anime porn and knock-off Ralph Steadman sketch. Yeah, that’s pretty much textbook WACOTY material right there.

In Flames [Official Site; HT: Ned Raggett]

  1. Roy Keane

    Reminds me of my ex-wife

  2. HorseLips12

    Inspired by the new American Gladiators – Wolf and the Eliminator.

  3. Chris N.

    If vagina dentata was an obstacle on ‘American Gladiators,’ I would totally watch it.

  4. sparkletone

    I came to make the exact same joke Chris N. made.

    This is certainly a worthy entry.

  5. dana danger

    Please tell me that logo is on the actual cover.

  6. noamjamski

    I’m going to stand up and say I like this cover. A lot.

  7. Tenno

    Me too. I think this one is misnominated. =(

  8. Paperboy 2000

    Make that three…especially when you compare it to old In Flames record covers…Go look at “Clayman” and tell me this isn’t a VAST improvement. Better to rip off Steadman than to rip off Kai’s Power Goo.

    Also: the In Flames song on GH3 is fun to play!

  9. Ned Raggett

    The last three posts scare me.

  10. Paperboy 2000

    blah blah blah…
    how’s the new vampire weekend?

  11. OingoBobo

    Where the Wild Things Are, 2008.

  12. FionaScrapple

    Garish, obnoxious album covers are needed when you keep putting out the same album over and over again.

    /Jonathan Davis

  13. Anonymous

    The cover of “Jester Race” was far superior, largely because it didn’t look like I designed a new six pack of Flying Dog with the Crayola 16 box.

  14. Richaod

    It looks like some dude with Amy Winehouse beehive hair to me.

    At least the album’s going to be good.

  15. NFlames

    Look on the left wall Dana…boom, Jesterhead. I dig this cover but as you can probably guess based on my screen name I’m a bit biased.

  16. NFlames

    @NFlames: Der…nevermind,…logo..I know how to read, REALLY I DO!

  17. Anonymous

    The album art is done by Alex Pardee, who creates shit so muffed up, that its wicked

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