More EMI Plans: Could Coldplay’s Next Album Be Sponsored By Prozac?

Jan 15th, 2008 // 5 Comments

everystockphoto_205101_m.jpgIf Guy Hands has his way, maybe! (Although I’d think that Vivarin would be a more appropriate sponsor, since it can counteract the band’s soporific effects on people.) The man charged with leading EMI on the path toward profitability (or at least not hemorrhaging money) told the Financial Times that he’s going to look into alternate means of making money for artists, and that those means could result in bands being presented to their adoring public by your favorite consumer products–or, at the very least, some deep-pocketed pharmaceutical company.

“Football teams have very distinct corporate sponsorship,” Hands told the FT. “Why shouldn’t some of the leading bands have the same sort of relationships?”

Ah, yes. Clearly, Hands has never had a late-night pub conversation about the idea of the “sellout,” and its various permutations within the rebellious-at-all-costs world of music. (Or maybe he’s only seen music videos with lots of product placement in them.) Anyone else feel like this is the sort of cheeky announcement that makes me wonder if Hands wants “striking” artists like Robbie Williams and The Verve to finally have a huge tantrum and run away screaming from their contracts? A sorta sneaky way of engaging in some money-saving brush-clearing, if you will.

EMI set to take corporate world for a spin [FT; HT Gigwise]
The Verve latest EMI artist to threaten to go on strike [Guardian]


  1. gorillavsmarykate

    If this designed to counteract the depression one gets from BUYING a Coldplay album?

  2. SuperUnison

    The funny thing is that, in clinical trials, antidepressants usually run a dead heat with the placebo. Similiarly, listening to Coldplay enhances only the ILLUSION of one’s sophistication and sensitivity, and only tangentially the personality traits themselves.

  3. Marth

    I did, at a record store a year or two ago, pick up a free split EP from White Magic and American Analog Set (?) that was sponsored by Tylenol. It really confused me to no end, but maybe I should have seen it as an omen.

  4. KinetiQ

    +10 for using “soporific” and now I have to go listen to some old Low and dream of the day they can officially endorse a fentanyl patch.

  5. PeterBjorn&Yawn

    Mmmm…fentanyl. My old roommate used to slap one of those bad boys on and fall asleep counting his drug money.

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