Indie Rocker And Emo Doofus Want You To Get Out And Vote For The Guy You Were Probably Gonna Vote For Anyway

Jan 15th, 2008 // 37 Comments

barrybar.jpgThe Obama campaign can finally relax, because two of the most important musical voices of two distinct generations have officially come out in favor of the ’08 prez candidate and gawky dreamboat, and they’re committed to spreading the good word to two very crucial voting blocs: “tweens with no vote (and Maura)” and “NPR listeners/Pitchfork readers who already vote Dem unless there’s a wacky third party.”

First the opinion of the more subdued, casual Mr. Pete Wentz of Fall Out Boy:

“I’ve been an Obama supporter from day one,” says Wentz. “After watching the New Hampshire primary, I couldn’t just be an observer anymore – I had to act. Barack is the first politician who’s ever made me feel like our voices actually matter.”

And now the slightly more impassioned Mr. Win Butler of the Arcade Fire:

Barack is the first candidate in my lifetime to strip some of this bullshit away, and I just hope we don’t blow this chance. man if we miss this opportunity we don’t deserve it…how bad does it have to get?

Yes, it must really be terrible up there with your socialized medicine and ample basketballs. Don’t waste all those government-funded exclamation points on us, defector.

Who’s in for Team I Supported Obama before Pete Wentz Endorsed Him for Little Girls [icecreamheadcahes]
Arcade Fire [Official Site, but you gotta click "Win" and then "Win's Scrapbook" because of course the Arcade Fire are too frou-frou just to have a damn blog]
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  1. Camp Tiger Claw

    Hopefully this will work the same magic it did for John Kerry!


  2. JudgeFudge

    All Politics aside, I don’t want to go along with Win Butler’s endorsement of ANYTHING.

    Not to throw down too much hateration or anything, but he just seems kind of smug and self serving, with a sense of self-importance that is exceptional even by rock star standards.

    That being said, I hope Obama doesn’t pick “Keep the Car Running” as his campaign song…

  3. Smitros

    With all due respect to Win Butler, wouldn’t he be . . . Canadian? Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but his endorsement may not mean a whole lot.

  4. encyclopediablack

    I heard Wes Eisold of American Nightmare/Give Up The Ghost, has supported Obama since his U.S. Senate bid. I guess Wentz is still copying him.

  5. Pope John Peeps II

    Isn’t win butler from Texas or something? He’s not originally canadian, even though he lives here now.

  6. FloraWay

    Wow, how did Pete Wentz end up with a more thoughtful quote?

  7. Dead Air ummm Dead Air

    @Pope John Peeps II: Texas to Canada?


    And aren’t Fall Out Boy from Chicago? I smell homerism!

  8. Rob Murphy

    @Dead Air ummm Dead Air: Hilary is also from Chicago, so I’m sure this was an especially tough call for Mr. Wentz.

  9. capitol-hillbilly

    arcade fire is from canada. maybe they should mind their own business, eh?

  10. Harvey Birdman

    Win Butler was born and raised in The Woodlands, a nice suburb of Houston.


  11. Smitros

    Thanks to Peeps and Harvey Birdman–servicey both!

    Now I can disregard Win Butler on the basis of his profession rather than his citizenship.

  12. Anonymous

    @DHMBIB: not! hills is from park ridge, where she used to be republican. here in chicago, we’re glad to have pawned her off on NY. don’t be sticking her on us!

  13. magneticfields

    Oh god–Here I was all set to forgive Obama for all his vacuous rhetoric and closet conservative views when Pete Wentz has to go and endorse him.

  14. Rob Murphy

    @Harvey Birdman: I used to live and work in The Woodlands — I saw Radiohead at the amphitheatre!!! — and, I am hella glad to be outta there and back in DC.

  15. Anonymous

    Weenie pix for Obama. Waiting for the bumper sticker to come out.

  16. Paul D

    @magneticfields: Totally. I was gonna do the same…but this changes everything!

  17. n/a

    @JudgeFudge: I’ll wait for Teenage Fanclub’s endorsement, thanks.

  18. Jess Harvell

    @everyone: yes, i knew win butler was a fake canadian, hence why i had to bust him on the “defector” technicality. so sad.

  19. Poubelle

    @Dead Air ummm Dead Air: Fall Out Boy are from Wilmette, not Chicago. To paraphrase Whynot, don’t be sticking them on us.

  20. Silverfuture

    These are both hilarious. I can’t help but wonder exactly what “bullshit Obama has stripped away” considering he’s peddling vague promises of change with nothing behind them. All politicians are full of hot air to some extent or another, but Obama’s an empty shell that talks vaguely about change and makes people “feel good” while he goes about with business as usual. Anyone who votes for Obama expecting a “change” is going to be sorely disapointed.

  21. Hans_Auff


    Precisely why I’m voting a write-in for Putin. Now there by God is a change!

  22. Nicolars

    @Silverfuture: Shillbots for Hillbot.

  23. MTS

    Perhaps Win is endorsing Obama to dispel SF/J’s claims of indie rock being too white?

  24. edgyspice

    Well, those exclamation points convinced me.

  25. theantidc


    I’ll be voting not for Putin the person, but solely for his piercing, blue, laser-eyed stare. You can’t f*ck with that.

  26. theantidc


    Dyslexic I am.

  27. JervixServiceJuice

    @Hans_Auff: He does have that “umbrella stab” assassination thing going for him.

  28. SuperUnison

    Can someone make a venn diagram of the ways that Obama, Win, and Wentz’s vapidity overlap? Then, can Hillary nuke the diagram pre-emptiveley and salt the ashen earth below with her tears so nothing may ever grow there again?

  29. Silverfuture

    @Nicolars: Nah, I’m shillspinich for Kucinich…

  30. Anonymous

    @Silverfuture: Kucinich members = cult.

    And wow on Pete Wentz getting off the couch.

  31. Anonymous


    Only in my wildest dreams did Obama vote for all those conservative bills for networking purposes in order to screw all those a-holes when he gets in office. Alas, I know it not be true.

    I can hear the neocons blaming him for global “climate change” now…

  32. c-freak

    i sure as hell do not want to see that jack-hole pete wentz act. wait. he already does that when he pretends to be a musician. nevermind.

  33. Silverfuture

    First of all, I’m not really endorsing Kucinich. He’s a wacko, but I’d prefer that to spin any day. Don’t get me wrong, Obama might be the best turd in a shitty bowl, but that doesn’t mean that lip-service about change will equal real change. His campaign is a hustle. He represents the status quo of the Cook County democratic organization. Obama has changed positions so often he could debate himself.

  34. Pope John Peeps II

    @Dead Air ummm Dead Air: It’s only a downgrade until you sober up. Then you never want to leave.

  35. scarletvirtue

    I’m rather surprised that Pete Wentz could take about 5 minutes away from his bitchy/high emo blog entries to write about something significant.

    Now, the question is, will this result in teenaged fangirls demanding that their parents vote for Obama because their crush object supports him?

  36. AndrewJStone

    Maybe its because i just watched this the other night, but all i could think of was Chapelle’s take on Ja Rule chiming in on September 11th.


    “Who give a fuck what ja rule thinks? I don’t wanna dance, i’m scared to death! I want some answers that Ja Rule might not have right now!”

  37. Rory B. Bellows

    What is Obama’s position on stolen basketballs?

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