There’s A Festival Coming To The NYC Area, But Don’t You Dare Call It “Coachella East”

Jan 15th, 2008 // 8 Comments

Those of you who enjoy sweating outdoors while listening to poorly amplified music and the natural beauty of Jersey City will be thrilled to know that AEG and Goldenvoice, the promoters of the Coachella Festival, will be putting on a festival at Liberty State Park this summer. The festival will not be dubbed “Coachella East,” contrary to Perez Hilton’s breathless predictions yesterday, although it will have “major headliners”–Billboard helpfully illustrates the article with a picture of Radiohead, who played a pre-Sept. 11 show at the park and who I’m sure would sell enough tickets to make this venture worth its while–as well as competition for said headliners from the Vineland Festival just down the shore. I’m just hoping that the lack of Coachella branding and unsexy, In & Out-free location will keep the riff raff away, although I know that I’m probably hoping for a little too much there. (Plus, doesn’t Jersey City have a Fatburger? Aw, crap.)

Coachella Promoters Launching NYC-Area Fest [Billboard]
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  1. mcginstein

    It was supposed to be in Philadelphia, but the terrible former mayoral administration couldn’t get their ish together.

  2. Halfwit

    @mcginstein: That, plus weren’t they proposing to hold it in Fairmount Park? NIMBY, buddy.

  3. Chris Molanphy

    Wow, memories flooding back thanks to your Radiohead/pre-9/11 reference. My commute home after that show (16 Aug 01 – I still have it in my organizer) was the last time I walked through the World Trade Center, and that stroll was of a piece with the whole night: spooky, surreal. (Remember: this was post-Amnesiac Radiohead we’d been watching.) I now look back on that night, with 20/20 hindsight, as some kind of foreboding/last moment of innocence.

    Sorry for the tangential reverie. Anyway, I’d happily go back to Liberty State Park for another show with Yorke & co.

  4. werewolf

    Yay! Who doesn’t love being surrounded by 100,000 tripping teenagers?

  5. Anonymous

    @dennisobell: It’s funny, that’s all I could think about when I read this post, too. They gave a wonderful show that night, and the schoolbus transport they offered from the station to the venue was just a cap on the whole moment of “lost innocence” as I remember it now….I even got a free DVD. Sigh.

  6. Whigged

    @mcginstein: This isn’t the same one – that’s the one that is *allegedly* going to take place in Vineland.

    Now, with this one popping up, South Jersey appears a safe bet not to go off…though strangely in no better condition and no more appealing than before.

  7. MTS

    @Whigged: Not if the residents of Vineland have their way…

  8. rocknrollwife

    Bummerfest ain’t going anywhere. Where else would the Def Lepard/Foreigner/Dickie Betts/Puddle of Mudd/Lindsey Buckingham/Weird Als of the world play for hoards of middle-aged yabbos and the underage skanks who cocktease their way to $7 wine coolers?


    These are the same folks who helped Harley-Davidson choose Elton John as the Headliner for their huge 100 year anniversary party. You can’t imagine what a homophobic debacle that was.

    They really gave up the ghost when they brought in a white-bread uber-corporate guy to hustle more beer sales and sponsorships.

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