There’s A Festival Coming To The NYC Area, But Don’t You Dare Call It “Coachella East”

Those of you who enjoy sweating outdoors while listening to poorly amplified music and the natural beauty of Jersey City will be thrilled to know that AEG and Goldenvoice, the promoters of the Coachella Festival, will be putting on a festival at Liberty State Park this summer. The festival will not be dubbed “Coachella East,” contrary to Perez Hilton’s breathless predictions yesterday, although it will have “major headliners”–Billboard helpfully illustrates the article with a picture of Radiohead, who played a pre-Sept. 11 show at the park and who I’m sure would sell enough tickets to make this venture worth its while–as well as competition for said headliners from the Vineland Festival just down the shore. I’m just hoping that the lack of Coachella branding and unsexy, In & Out-free location will keep the riff raff away, although I know that I’m probably hoping for a little too much there. (Plus, doesn’t Jersey City have a Fatburger? Aw, crap.)

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