Tribute-Video Community Insists that Jane Austen Can Be Sexy

Jan 15th, 2008 // Comment

prideandprejudicepic.jpgPeriod dramas: pretty costumes, stringent etiquette, and smoldering sexual repression. Men with cartoonish sideburns stare longingly from across the room at women in corsets. Indiscretions are hinted at, though rarely seen. And if there’s one artist who can capture the essence of this subtle, implicit sexuality, it’s Marvin Gaye, right?

Despite its evident intentional humor and self-awareness, this video still manages to fall in with the all-time classic tributes. There’s just something about it that’s wonderfully unironic. Formally speaking, it’s kind of a wreck: The scenes are haphazard and too-long, and the overuse of the diagonal wipe transition screams first-timer. But this person has tapped into something, and the song really works with the images. Think about it. All anyone in a period drama is ever thinking about is the precise moment at which the corset will be torn asunder, even if we never actually see it happen. If these characters could have, they probably would have owned a copy of Let’s Get It On for those special evenings when, after having tried to hold back the feeling for so long, and the proper courtesies having been extended, and the social protocol for sexual relations having been thoroughly exercised, they could get it on like sensitive people with so much to give.

let’s get it on – period drama style [YouTube]

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