Grammy Producers To WGA: “Please Grant Us A Waiver For The Children”

Jan 16th, 2008 // 4 Comments

AP070211038156.jpgThe Grammys’ producers have asked the Writer’s Guild of America to grant an interim agreement–similar to the one struck between the Guild and David Letterman’s production company Worldwide Pants–that would allow its members, as well as members of the Screen Actors Guild like Beyonce, to work on and attend the show. A decision will come Monday at the earliest, although producers have said that the show will go on regardless. According to Variety, Grammy bigwigs tried to pull at the WGA’s heartstrings by pointing out that the telecast “generates funds to be used for school programs, to assist musicians in times of need and lobbying efforts in Washington.” “Lobbying efforts,” eh? Like these? You may want to just stick with talking about the schools there, guys.

Grammys request WGA agreement [Variety]
[Photo: AP]

  1. jt.ramsay

    I hate to think how bad this will be without writers, as it usually sucks with them.

  2. Chris Molanphy

    They’re pushing the community-building angle with WGA, because that’s what got the NAACP Image Awards a waiver. Basically, the guild has shown a weird inconsistency on the waiver thing, tending to pick and choose whom they’re going to strike based on whether it would make a network president unhappy if that show were to get canceled.

    I’m sticking with what I said yesterday: the Grammys will be made more drab, but there’s no way they’ll get canceled. Yes, Beyonce and Bruce won’t cross a picket line, but: most acts are too craven to observe such things; musicians mostly aren’t unionized and aren’t under any obligation to observe pickets, anyway; the show is too important to the music industry, arguably even more critical than the Oscars are to Hollywood; and – c’mon – you really think anything would get between Kanye West and a possible nationally televised award?

  3. Rob Murphy

    @dennisobell: and – c’mon – you really think anything would get between Kanye West and a possible nationally televised award?

    [insert obligatory Gretchen Wilson, Maroon 5, and Justice jokes here]

  4. SuperUnison

    They should just let Kanye present all the awards so he can improvise jive, egotistical, emotionally needy bullshit any time there’s dead air. I’m sure that with the right mixture, he’d cough up a great rant about how the WGA doesn’t care about black people.

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