Entering The (In-Studio) Wayback Machine With Faith No More

Last night, as a way of washing the American Idol off (Maura’s recap coming soon!), my household regressed to pop-hating teen metalheads and gorged on YouTube footage* featuring “Faith No More in 1992 while recording their Matt Wallace produced Angel Dust album. This footage was shot for the MTV Week In Rock; they shot 4 hours of footage and only about 10 minutes were ever aired on MTV.”

Only five parts have been uploaded–totaling a little more than an hour–and at least thirty minutes are devoted to Billy Gould and Roddy Bottum trying to sync up keyboard stabs to a prerecorded bass and drum part. (If the tune, baroque Middle Eastern rap-rock with seagull noises, actually made the album, it went through a serious alteration process.) You may find it tedious; I could watch this sort of shit all day.

Angel Dust Sessions [YouTube]

* Then we watched all six minutes of the Thurston Moore/Beck/Mike D. three-slacker-pile-up from 120 Minutes and felt older than when I learned this week was the anniversary of Bill Clinton setting the cause of drama-free inter-office adultery back at least a decade.