Entering The (In-Studio) Wayback Machine With Faith No More

Last night, as a way of washing the American Idol off (Maura’s recap coming soon!), my household regressed to pop-hating teen metalheads and gorged on YouTube footage* featuring “Faith No More in 1992 while recording their Matt Wallace produced Angel Dust album. This footage was shot for the MTV Week In Rock; they shot 4 hours of footage and only about 10 minutes were ever aired on MTV.”

Only five parts have been uploaded–totaling a little more than an hour–and at least thirty minutes are devoted to Billy Gould and Roddy Bottum trying to sync up keyboard stabs to a prerecorded bass and drum part. (If the tune, baroque Middle Eastern rap-rock with seagull noises, actually made the album, it went through a serious alteration process.) You may find it tedious; I could watch this sort of shit all day.

Angel Dust Sessions [YouTube]

* Then we watched all six minutes of the Thurston Moore/Beck/Mike D. three-slacker-pile-up from 120 Minutes and felt older than when I learned this week was the anniversary of Bill Clinton setting the cause of drama-free inter-office adultery back at least a decade.

  • FionaScrapple

    Faith No More rules like no other.

  • Lucas Jensen

    Along with Yerself Is Steam, Angel Dust is one of the weirder records ever released by a major label.

  • Ned Raggett

    To be fair, Yerself was originally released by Rough Trade. Angel Dust was pure Slash/Warner Bros. money all the way.

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  • pjohn

    oh man, i have all 4 hours of this on a dvd somewhere… the interviews with jim martin are the greatest thing in the world.

  • Cam/ron

    Jess, check out this clip of All My Children where Mike Patton gets name-dropped.


    “You’ve been reading my blog!”

  • Anonymous

    @pjohn: Did you know that Jim Martin is running a Pumpkin farm in Half Moon Bay (CA) now? Next year I know where I’m going!

  • Vince Neilstein

    These are really great… found em on YouTube when I first discovered YouTube (“hmmm… I wonder if Faith No More is on here??”) and had to watch them all.

    The best is Jim Martin, in very early 1992, talking about Nirvana and predicting how they would change rock music. A smart guy, that Jim Maartin.

  • D Law

    Tonight we should definetly watch that 120 minutes hosted by The Dead Milkmen.