For About The Cost Of One Month’s Rent, You Can Sponsor A Chubby Punchline Rapper Of Your Own

Jan 16th, 2008 // 6 Comments

With a minimal outlay of $750–only 375 cups of coffee–you’ll receive a guest verse from roly poly D12 member Bizarre, a signed certificate thanking you for your donation, and a sense of satisfaction that you’ve helped someone in need. I’m almost tempted to dig into my personal savings* just so Idolator can have its own theme rap. (I wonder if Bizarre accepts out-of-state checks.) Anyone want to cook up a beat? We could get Travis Barker on the remix.

Bizarre Of D12 Sets Himself Up Via YouTube [ProHipHop]

* May actually require selling of bodily fluids/organs/infant child.

  1. silkyjumbo

    i like how he’s doing this to help out the up-and-coming artists. yeah, right. imagine how huge soulja boy would have been if he could only afford bizarre’s verse.

  2. PopIsNotDead

    What sort of crediblity do you suppose Bizarre could lend to a production library track? I’m almost tempted…

  3. K-milo

    Maybe we can chip in some money. I mean, we’re talking about the “Idolator Rap Theme”!!!

  4. Anonymous

    @K-milo: I’ve got a dollar for that

  5. Anonymous

    I can only imagine how much Interscope paid him to say “I sixty-nined this one bitch, she bled in my mouth!!”

  6. jasonelias

    He ain’t selling himself, how’s D12 going to help anybody, might as well get Fabian on for a verse, at least he’s free.

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