China: Where The Streets Are Paved With Ex-Members Of Take That

Jan 16th, 2008 // 6 Comments

kungfool.jpgApparently EMI’s recent drastic cost-cutting/money-saving measures now include charitable tax write-offs. Supreme leader Guy Hands is putting striking employee Robbie Williams to work the only way he can: filling in potholes in China as part of a “recycling programme.”

It has been revealed that over one million unsold copies of Robbie Williams’s last record ‘Rudebox’ are due to be sent to the country to be crushed.

The recycled end product will then be used in road surfacing and street lighting.

EMI owner Guy Hands told The Guardian: “Roughly 85 per cent of what EMI does get to release never makes a profit, in part because of the cash spent signing bands and partly due to ill-made bets on the number of CDs the market requires for particular acts.”

Spin it as it measure to recoup lost sales all you want, Hands, but we know this is totally your passive-aggressive response to Williams’ manager calling you names when you declined to alter Williams’ contract to give him control over the back catalog now being pulped for new tarmac. And as asshole gestures that also help the environment go, we approve!

Robbie Williams To Pave Chinese Roads [NME]


  1. Ned Raggett

    There are SO MANY ALBUMS I would like to see suffer this fate.

  2. dreamsneverend

    I guess any press is good press in this case, I just got around to picking up his Lovelight DVD single.. I like!

  3. mishaps

    This just makes me unreasonably happy.

  4. spazandmojo

    if only his musical hotness was equal to his physical hotness… so sad really.

  5. narymary

    @spazandmojo: Right? He seriously makes me drool.

  6. Anonymous

    @Ned Raggett: SO agreed. We should send a list to Mr. Jintao.

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